Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Year Gone By

In case you didn't know my birthday was this past Friday, and it was a really busy day. I was supposed to be out of my apartment by 5pm Friday or 7am Saturday, and I figured I might as well just go ahead and get the heck outta there. Being around CS while all of my friends graduate was not cool or fun. But I suppose I can't complain too much.

**PS I started writing this on Monday and it is currently Thursday night/early Friday morning. Sorry everyone!

Thursday night we (being me, Megan, Andrew, Blake, Erik, and his brother Andrew) went out to Ozona for dinner and I was quite surprised at how tasty it was! The rest of the evening I packed which sucked. After moving out of my apartment and driving home and unloading EVERYTHING we had cake at my dad's house and then another cake at my mom's house about an hour or so later. Unfortunately that was the extent of my birthday celebrations.

Anyways, 21 was a big year for me. First off, finally legal! Second, I moved into my first apartment! School remained the same, and it still is. I finally got my Aggie ring in November! The Aggies played LSU at the Cowboys Stadium (and got spanked) but it was awesome to see the stadium. Andrew and I celebrated 2 years together in April and shortly after that andrew got his Aggie ring. And now I'm here at 22 years of age. How time flies. I would post pictures of all of these events but I'm in Houston and didn't bring my laptop with me. Maybe next year?

The next few weeks will be extremely busy for me. Tomorrow is the rehearsal & dinner for Erik and Shala's wedding and then the wedding is on Saturday afternoon! Hopefully I will be able to take tons of pictures, but with being in the wedding party I'm not sure how that will work exactly.

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