Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Post for Awhile

So it's super early and I've been awake since about 5am. No idea why, so I figured I would update one more time before I'm on vacation. Today Megan and I are headed for Dallas to celebrate Mary's birthday (it's today!) and as we've done in the past go to Florida for a week always around the 4th of July. They've got crazy fireworks on the beach, I've never seen anything like it. Anyways, we'll be flying out Monday morning and be back on the 5th of July. I'm so excited to be going because it's been several years since I've been to Florida (when Mary and my dad were together it was our big annual family vacay) and it's my first time back since all that happened.

On another fun note, my dad is taking me and Andrew back to Florida to watch the final shuttle launch. Even though Andrew is majoring in aerospace engineering, he's never seen a real launch. I know he's thrilled to be going and I can't wait to watch his face as Atlantis roars into the sky. I don't think I mentioned that the launch is on July 8 which means after Megan and I get home I'll be flying back to Florida the very next day. Crazy, right? I'll post lots of pictures because I've got my camera and charger all packed!

But the most exciting news of all is that......I GOT AN iPHONE!! Eeeeeeeeek! Thursday night my phone bit the dust, unable to make calls or send texts and I kept getting the error message of "network out of order". It was so strange. So I told my mom about it when she came home for lunch and we decided that it was okay for me to FINALLY get an upgrade (I've been eligible since February but I held our as long as I could) and I'm the proud new owner of an iPhone 3 :) aaaaand my mom agreed to pay for my data plan! She said I deserved it. I feel so special! I doubt I'll have a chance to update while I'm gone but feel free to text me all you want!

I'll be back Sunday July 10th! Happy early 4th of July!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 More Days!

...or 3 more days if you count today over UNTIL I LEAVE FOR FLORIDA!!!!

The last few days have included spending time with my dad and Megan, doing laundry and packing for the trip (okay, I haven't really started packing), and catching up on all the juicy details of my friend Sammie's life. These last few days I've really been missing Andrew. I started adjusting to seeing him every few days during the school year, but now that the summer is here and he is in CS and I'm 4 hours away things are different than they were the last 2 years. In case you don't remember I was in CS for summer school which put me only an hour and a half away from Andrew's home. But I know that I will get to see him in 2 weeks. Sammie has been through a while lot these last few weeks, and I'm sooooooo glad that she finally opened up and told me EVERYTHING (or I hope everything).

So in order to get ready for Florida, I've been shopping for swimsuits and cover-ups, but I've had no luck whatsoever. So I guess I'll just go with what I've got even though Megan has what seems like twice as many swimsuits and cover-ups as I do. I'm really excited to go and I promise to take lots of pictures!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time for a New Doctor

Hey friends! Things have been rather uneventful, but still busy nonetheless (hope you don't mind how boring things sound). Thanks to my mom's great job, they provide a free clinic that covers just about everything. I haven't been in over a year, and I was extremely skeptical to go due to the fact that the last time I went the doctor on staff provided me with some meds that really screwed me up. I'll save that whole story for another day. Thankfully, they have a new doctor on staff who seems to really know what she's doing. So we went because I'm still having problems with nausea. Like, constant problems for years! I eat breakfast and feel nauseated, after dinner I sometimes feel sick, and nearly every night when I lay down to go to sleep I feel really bad. Compared to other people, I've thrown up way more times than anybody else I know (on average I throw up every month, but usually only once or twice a month). The doctor told me that she could prescribe me some stuff to help with the nausea, but without really knowing what's wrong inside of me she is just giving me meds for the symptoms. She highly recommended that I see a gastroenterologist, and my mom acted like that was the worst thing in the world to do when all along I've been asking her to check around town for the best GI doc for me to see for over a year. And I'm finally getting to see one. I'm hoping that they can figure out what's wrong with me, whether its ulcers or acid reflux or something else. My appointment isn't for a few weeks, and I'm sure it will take a few more weeks for them to actually do anything.

Pray for the doctors to figure out what's been wrong with me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Latest Obsession

[we <3 it]

Don't judge me :) thanks to my mom's new Blu-Ray player and our Netflix subscription, I can watch all the seasons instantly! I just started Season 2, and I used to wonder why girls ever liked to watch this (and of course Andrew is asking me the same question)

What's your latest guilty tv pleasure?

Monday, June 20, 2011

UTMB and Florida

Whew! What a busy week its been. I worked all last week and on Thursday my mom and I drove to Galveston to attend UTMB's Open House. There are only 5 or 6 Masters OT programs in Texas, and I think UTMB is now one of my top choices. Mostly because the building looks very nice and new plus a lot of my family lives in the Houston/Galveston area and I would really enjoy being close to them. But I'm really skeptical about actually getting into to OT school because it is extremely competitive. I found out that there are only 54 spots for students entering in the fall of 2012 and they get an average of 100-150 applicants every year. Hearing that makes me really nervous especially because I don't look great on paper as I do in person. Make sense? But perhaps things will go smoothly and it will all work out.

More exciting news is that Megan and I only have ONE WEEK until we leave for Florida!! My beach body is definitely not ready, but its too late now. Besides, I'm not out to impress anybody except for Andrew :)

Can you believe that we are almost in JULY?!?! Where is the summer going??

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tis the Season for Weddings

Hey friends! Sorry it's been forever since my last update, I haven't been home much and it seems like I've been going somewhere or doing something every single day. This past week was a blur, filled with running errands, filling out paperwork, and doing chores. On Friday I drove to Dallas for my friend Ashley's wedding. You can check her blog out here but considering that she's on her honeymoon she may not be updating for a little while. Her wedding was amazing and beautiful and her dress was SO GORGEOUS and it was PERFECT for her! And the wedding reception was so cool at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (especially since I like the Rangers but haven't ever actually seen a MLB stadium) and it was exactly the way I think a wedding reception should be. On top of how fantastic it was, I had a great time with my friends who I haven't seen since mid-May and it was so good to catch up with them. There hasn't been a whole lot going on with everyone, but everyone is staying busy. And everyone loved my new haircut! I promise I will post pictures within the week from my haircut appointment!

On top of the wedding celebration, I got to spend the weekend with Richard and Mary aaannnnd ANDREW! It was wonderful to see them and I'm counting down the days until I get to see each of them again :)

I don't have too much going on this week but I am headed to UTMB Thursday evening for a campus visit on Friday to see what their OT Masters program is like. I'll fill you in later!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New York City

I was finally able to get through all of the pictures from my trip to New York, and here are a few a lot of my favorites! And just to give you a little background about the trip (in case you don't read frequently) my mom, sister, aunt and cousin went up to New York 2 days before I did, and unfortunately I missed some of the art museums and nicer weather.

standing in Rockefeller Center. Behind us is where the film the Today SHOW!

Prometheus sculpture at the Rockefeller Center. During the Christmas season, he is surrounded by ice and a giant tree

beautiful fountains around Rockefeller Center

St. Patrick's Cathedral

giant stain-glass window inside St. Patrick's

sculpture of Atlas, holding up the world

Radio City music hall, where dozens of musicians have performed, as well as the Rockettes.

dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, where the waiters & waitresses are aspiring singers/performers trying to make it to Broadway. It was delicious!

Times Square! Our cousin Madeline is between us (and she is standing on a bench). Need I say more?

while waiting to catch the ferry to head to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we walked through Battery Park and before boarding the ferry saw this sculpture that represents sailors from the US fleet saving a drowning man

Megan, my mom, and me in front of the Statue of Liberty! She wasn't as massive as I thought she would be and unfortunately the weather was terrible so we didn't stick around too long

Megan and me excited to be in front of Lady Liberty

Megan next to the infamous Wall Street Bull. Several people were touching the bull testicles on the other side, perhaps it brings good luck in other countries?

9/11 Memorial Wall next to the fire station

Me and Megan at Grand Central Station. The ceiling was so cool! It was turquoise and covered in gold painted zodiac animals

Me, Madeline and Megan in front of the Guggenheim Museum. My favorite piece of art was Wassily Kandinsky's "Several Circles"

Inside the Guggenheim. Left to right: me, Megan, Madeline, and my aunt Angela

Amazing view of Central Park from the top of the Rockefeller Center. Did you know that the Rock is 800 feet tall??

I have the cutest mom in the world! Us at the top of the Rock

Wicked on BROADWAY! It was amazing, words cannot describe how great it was. Plus, I got a few signatures!

My aunt, Megan, Madeline and me on the TODAY show! Being on tv was super exciting and totally worth waking up around 5:30am!

Can you say Matt Lauer and Al Roker on the Today show!??! Right there in person!

From left to right: Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Al Roker, and Meredith Viera on the Today Show!

And then to make things even cooler we got to be on "Who Knew" with Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show a few hours late. You can see our segment that was aired here.

Kathy Lee Gifford up close and in person!

Me, Madeline, Megan and my aunt at FAO Schwartz. Biggest and most expensive toy store I've ever seen

Central Park! We didn't actually walk inside the park because you can get lost in there and it was really hot outside and I don't think anybody really wanted to walk through it, but it was still really cool!

Megan and I at the Highland Park. This park was built over an abandoned rail road track and was built using only recycled materials. Pretty awesome place!

Our last big stop before leaving New York was Chinatown! We did quite a bit of shopping but didn't buy very much.

Last but not least is the loft that we stayed at. It was rather tiny, here you can see the kitchen on the right, the bathroom behind the kitchen table, and to the left are bunk beds and further back was a king size bed. There was also a couch on the right by the tv that you can't see.

Going to New York was an unforgettable vacation that I will never forget! If you can ever get the chance to go to New York DO IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN! There were tons of people, and even some people that wanted to take pictures with Megan and me because they had never seen people that tall. It was almost like being a celebrity, but not quite. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! And just FYI, it is now Tuesday night which means it took FOREVER for these pictures to upload. Better late than never though!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Locks of Love

I'm still sorting through all my New York trip pictures and I promise to get them up as soon as possible. Hopefully if you're my friend on facebook (or you like to creep) then you've already seen some of the pictures my cousin took, and if not, then you should go look at them!

Tonight is the last night I get to wash all my gorgeous hair. In this post I revealed that I'm cutting my hair to donate it to Locks of Love. Well, the day has finally come. On Saturday morning I will be sitting at my usual hair salon but it won't be the usual trim. Honestly I'm starting to have second thoughts, but I am so ready to be rid of a foot of hair. I'm sure I will grow it out again soon. And there will be pictures on facebook immediately of course, thanks to my sister. I've had long hair for what seems like forever. When I was 10 or 11 years old I had shoulder length (or a little longer) hair and managed to get a big wad of gum stuck in my hair and I had to have all my hair cut off. Since then it's only grown, and it really started to grow when I got to college and was only getting my hair trimmed once a year or so. And now it's four years later and things are about to change. So keep your eyes peeled for pictures! I'll get pictures up here too (probably sooner than I get the New York photos up) so all of you can enjoy my new haircut!

I just want to take a second out of this post and talk about HOW AWESOME THE MAVS WERE TONIGHT over the Heat. Dirk scored the last 9 points for the Mavs and he was on fire!! I was really skeptical that they wouldn't be able to come back, they were killing the grass and doing nothing on the court and for them to turn around and make such a comeback, I'm amazed and impressed. Way to go Mavs!