Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 More Days!

...or 3 more days if you count today over UNTIL I LEAVE FOR FLORIDA!!!!

The last few days have included spending time with my dad and Megan, doing laundry and packing for the trip (okay, I haven't really started packing), and catching up on all the juicy details of my friend Sammie's life. These last few days I've really been missing Andrew. I started adjusting to seeing him every few days during the school year, but now that the summer is here and he is in CS and I'm 4 hours away things are different than they were the last 2 years. In case you don't remember I was in CS for summer school which put me only an hour and a half away from Andrew's home. But I know that I will get to see him in 2 weeks. Sammie has been through a while lot these last few weeks, and I'm sooooooo glad that she finally opened up and told me EVERYTHING (or I hope everything).

So in order to get ready for Florida, I've been shopping for swimsuits and cover-ups, but I've had no luck whatsoever. So I guess I'll just go with what I've got even though Megan has what seems like twice as many swimsuits and cover-ups as I do. I'm really excited to go and I promise to take lots of pictures!!

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