Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Post for Awhile

So it's super early and I've been awake since about 5am. No idea why, so I figured I would update one more time before I'm on vacation. Today Megan and I are headed for Dallas to celebrate Mary's birthday (it's today!) and as we've done in the past go to Florida for a week always around the 4th of July. They've got crazy fireworks on the beach, I've never seen anything like it. Anyways, we'll be flying out Monday morning and be back on the 5th of July. I'm so excited to be going because it's been several years since I've been to Florida (when Mary and my dad were together it was our big annual family vacay) and it's my first time back since all that happened.

On another fun note, my dad is taking me and Andrew back to Florida to watch the final shuttle launch. Even though Andrew is majoring in aerospace engineering, he's never seen a real launch. I know he's thrilled to be going and I can't wait to watch his face as Atlantis roars into the sky. I don't think I mentioned that the launch is on July 8 which means after Megan and I get home I'll be flying back to Florida the very next day. Crazy, right? I'll post lots of pictures because I've got my camera and charger all packed!

But the most exciting news of all is that......I GOT AN iPHONE!! Eeeeeeeeek! Thursday night my phone bit the dust, unable to make calls or send texts and I kept getting the error message of "network out of order". It was so strange. So I told my mom about it when she came home for lunch and we decided that it was okay for me to FINALLY get an upgrade (I've been eligible since February but I held our as long as I could) and I'm the proud new owner of an iPhone 3 :) aaaaand my mom agreed to pay for my data plan! She said I deserved it. I feel so special! I doubt I'll have a chance to update while I'm gone but feel free to text me all you want!

I'll be back Sunday July 10th! Happy early 4th of July!

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