Monday, July 11, 2011

Back From Vacay

Hello blogosphere! I can't believe that it's been 3 weeks since my last update! It feels so great to finally stop for just a minute and take a break. In case you don't remember, I made 2 trips to Florida. One was with Mary and Megan and the other was with my dad and Andrew. The first trip included several beach days, a trip to Disneyworld, and tons of fireworks. My trip with dad and Andrew was a once in a lifetime trip. The only downside to coming home and turning back around to go back to Florida in less than 24 hours was that I was exhausted and on the way back the first time I nearly had a heart attack. Richard told me that he couldn't get my car started and it was dead. So the next hour and a half was spent figuring out how I was going to get home in time to repack and go back and decide if I needed a rental car. Turns out nobody knew that in order to turn on a manual vehicle you MUST push the clutch in. And voila! The car started without any problems and we got home sooner than I had expected. Not to mention the turnaround time was less than 24 hours. The trip with my dad and Andrew was something that none of us will ever forget. Getting to watch the final shuttle launch was amazing especially since NASA had been saying that they wouldn't launch until Sunday and I was afraid we wouldn't get to see it. But we did! And the best part was that I got to spend 3 days with Andrew!

I spent today unpacking and sorting through clean and dirty clothes as well as picking out clothes to wear for my court appearance tomorrow. But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow! I also had an appointment with a gastroenterologist about my nausea and vomiting that I've been having for quite some time. He mashed on my stomach and I told him all the problems I'd been having. So I get to have a sonogram done on Thursday to check for any inflammation and an endoscopy on Friday to take tissue samples. So keep your fingers crossed that they find out what's wrong with me. I'll keep you posted as to how things go!

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