Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad But Good News

This morning I had my upper endoscopy procedure done to try and find out what's been making me sick for the last few years. The result from the short procedure determined that all of my problems have been caused by my gallbladder. The doctor told me that a normal gallbladder functions at 35% or greater and mine is functioning at 2% which is no bueno. In addition to my gallbladder, I'm having acid reflux issues. They don't have any way to reverse the damage that's been done and the only thing I can do now is have my gallbladder removed before I go back to school. Hopefully that will cut down the acid reflux too. Having gallbladder problems means that I have to go on a lowfat diet, starting ASAP. So no cakes, cookies, ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, candy and I have to try to cut out any processed foods. If you didn't know, I have the worst sweet tooth cravings ALL THE TIME. I haven't ever been able to get control of the cravings either. Additionally, the doctor says I have to lose weight, there is no other option.

So today has been really rough on me with having to take all of this in. I feel like it's going to be impossible to squeeze this in before school starts. And I have no idea how to change my diet because I don't have the time to cook a lowfat meal every day. A consultation has been scheduled for next Thursday and then we will go from there. But I know I ABSOLUTELY MUST move into my new place before the surgery because afterwards I won't be able to lift much for a week or two. On the upside, last night my mom and I went to see the Harry Potter double feature at the movies, with part one showing at 9pm and part two at midnight. I've been a fan since the books first came out and I'm really sad that it's ending. Oh! And I was quoted in the local newspaper :) pretty exciting!

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