Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving Day!...Again

So tomorrow is Megan's big day to move away to college! We are almost all packed up, although I haven't packed an overnight bag yet. It seems like I had sooo much more stuff when I moved to school than what Megan has. The only downside about moving her in is that since I'm only 10 days post-surgery I get tired easily. And we can't start moving in until 11am, almost the hottest part of the day....gross. And I've had the chance to meet several of my freshmen that I will be mentoring and they will more than likely be moving in tomorrow as well. Plus Audrey (Andrew's brother's girlfriend) is also moving to CS tomorrow. Hooray!

Here's hoping that everyone gets moved in smoothly and that nobody gets too hot while moving in. And I hope that I can handle tomorrow without wearing out too quickly. I'll be moving back on Monday, but since I have to go to a work retreat I won't really be back until Tuesday afternoon. But I will be back! Sooner or later!

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