Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a Quick Second!

Hey bloggers! It has been 2 weeks since my last update, and that is just not acceptable! School has been crazy busy, and I feel like I do nothing but homework every night as soon as I get home. It's kind of ridiculous because at the end of the night I always still feel behind on my work. The trip to Colorado was amazing and fabulous and I had a great time! I promise I will get pictures up soon! On a side note, I forgot to take my camera with me everywhere so iPhone pictures will have to suffice.

The first round of exams is NEXT WEEK. Already. I can't believe that. So I'm trying to study my butt off all the time because my goal for the semester is to make a 4.0 :) we'll see if that actually happens or not, I am really struggling in physics. This weekend I am going to Huntsville to visit Megan for Bearkat Family Weekend!! Super excited about that! Friday happens to be RING DAY IN AGGIELAND!! I know dozens of people getting their rings and I am ecstatic for every one of them!

Thursday night is mentor hangout night at my place, and we are having a spaghetti dinner! My exec for FOCUS, Nate, is really excited about it. Delicious food with great company, it can't get any better!

Sigh, I must get back to work :( enjoy the rest of your week!

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