Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mommy Wow....

....I'm a big kid now!

Please tell me you remember those commercials? If you don't go to youtube right now and search for Huggies Pull-Ups. Just kidding. Tomorrow is Friday, which means I'm going to Bartlett not only to visit Sammie but to help her move out of her parents' house and out into the real world! She will finally be a big girl on her own! I am so happy for her :)

In other important news, my mom had minor surgery yesterday morning. Some sort of genetic/hereditary gum disease (its not really gum disease, but I don't know what to call it) runs in my family, and my mom HAS IT BAD. The problem is that as we age, our gumlines recede and there's nothing anyone can do about it. My mom, who has always brushed her teeth after every meal, is now suffering those consequences. Her gumline has receded so much on some teeth that you can see her roots. It's kinda gross and a little scary. In the past they would do a skin graft to get rid of this problem. Now they have something new and improved and ten times safer. So, my mom had her gumline fixed and she is all better! Or will be! Of course, it's difficult to eat and you absolutely cannot brush your teeth for a week or so. She's got 2 rows of stitches, and texted me today, saying that she "woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and looked like an actor from the Planet of the Apes movie set...haha! My upper lip looks like a botox mishap, but its getting better". I wish that I could have been home for her surgery, but she had a close friend take care of her. I'll keep you updated on how she does :)

Perhaps my most important news is that I have (almost) completed one of my OT school applications (specifically TWU's app) and I will be mailing it TOMORROW! Scary! I hope I get in somewhere! If not, then I'm sure God has something even better in store for me. I'm thinking that by January time frame I might know where I'll be going...if anywhere.

Cheers to the weekend! And tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

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