Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm sure you're dying to know what I did all weekend! Absolutely nothing. Why might that be? I'll tell you! In case you don't know, Andrew and I are on a CoRec intramural basketball team (same as every year) and the season started last week. Our first game was Thursday, and it was brutal. The referees knew several people on the other team and the game was called unfairly. A new rule this year is that guys/girls can block each other (last year it was considered goal tending if you guarded someone of the opposite sex) and they need to change it back! There was a guy about Andrew's size on the team who knocked the ever-lovin' hell out of me. I was in the air trying to shoot and he came at me like a lineman. Immediately I hit the floor (face down or whatever) and I hit so hard that I had trouble breathing and began to have an asthma attack. On top of that, my knees swelled up like grapefruits. The worst parts were that the referees never stopped the game and the guy that hit me never apologized. The last few days my chest has been hurting and my knees are a lovely shade of purple. Things are healing, but it has really set me back.

So that's my story. Exciting, no? Do you want to pummel the guy that did this to me? Join the club. I've been icing my knees and keeping them elevated but I can only do so much. If you would like to see pictures of my knees, look at my Twitter feed on the right hand side of this page.

P.S. be on the lookout for more posts this week!

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