Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major Disappointment

So last night one of my friends invited me to go see The Hunger Games. I had previously made Andrew promise that he would have to go see it with me, but he has been up to his eyeballs with homework and satellite stuff and I was tired of waiting (and hearing everyone talk about it) so I went! And it was a disappointment. Really.

I got the books for Christmas but didn't get around to reading the first one until mid-February. It was AMAZING.  Once I heard from everyone about how great the movie was, I was so excited to see it. Then bam. Major letdown. There were so many parts that I thought were important that weren't in the movie. I won't tell you here in case you haven't seen the movie, but I am truly disappointed in how the movie turned out. To make things worse, I was in a full theater with people laughing at every serious moment, including two girls that said "that's f***ed up" and "call the popo" during the movie. Seriously, I don't want your side commentary. And I thought that the movie went by super fast (even though it was almost 2 and a half hours long).

Oh, and maybe this is just me but couldn't they pick an actor for Peeta who is taller than Katniss? What the heck. Whatever. Maybe that's just my tall side speaking out, but I think it's weird.

Thanks for letting me rant. You should read the book THEN go see the movie and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This afternoon it began pouring down rain while I was at work. I thought to myself "no big deal, I always carry my umbrella since it rains on the most random days in this weird city". As I got ready to leave, I realized that I had taken both my umbrellas out of my bag. One I put in my car for the weekend, and the other I took out so I could read Catching Fire, the 2nd book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Womp womp. I waited about 10 minutes thinking the rain would let up, but it never did. I had to go all the way from work to the bus stop, then wait on the bus IN THE RAIN. I haven't been on campus without an umbrella in over 3 years, cause if I have learned anything from my time at A&M, it's to always carry an umbrella with you! Silly me. I nearly froze to death on the bus with the A/C running full blast, and my clothes are still wet. No I'm not still wearing them; they were hung up to dry. But I can't seem to get warm now! Maybe I need to take a nice, hot shower to warm up. Oh, and apparently it isn't raining anywhere else. Figures.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The First Half of my Uneventful Break

As you can imagine, my spring break wasn't all that exciting. But I loved every minute of it. The Friday starting off spring break was uneventful, and Andrew and I drove to Houston for the weekend. The weather was horrible all weekend long (remember all that rain!??!) and all we did was stay indoors. The best part of the weekend was a going-away party that Andrew & I went to for Erik and Shala. I don't think I've had a chance to mention this (maybe I already have), but Erik joined the Navy before graduating and they are now in South Carolina since Erik has to go to Power School. It was just a low-key dinner with their families at Erik's parents' house and I loved it.

Andrew and Erik have been friends for a really long time (they were in Cub Scouts together). Hooray for lifetime friends!

After the party, Andrew and I headed over to Jake's house (Andrew always sees his friends when we go to Houston!), where we played with puppies and kittens which killed my allergies but it was so worth it, watched some Law & Order: SVU, and played an awesome game called "You Don't Know Jack". It was a great end to a fabulous weekend. Of course Andrew had to be at work Monday morning so we woke up at 6:30 in order to get back to CS in time. Whew! Stay tuned because tomorrow you will get to hear the REALLY exciting stuff. Promise :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Warning! This is a Boring Post....

Has it really been 19 days since my last post? How shameful of me! Lots has happened in the last few weeks, and I can't wait to share everything with you. So much so that I am going to be splitting up my posts and trying to post something every single day. Will it happen? Who knows, but that is my goal!

I'll have to start with the week before spring break, then spring break itself, then last week, and all the exciting things that happened between then and now. And trust me, some of it is super exciting (you may not think so but I do)! Since I'm currently at work you will all have to wait until tomorrow to hear about my exciting life happenings!

Come back and read me tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Halfway There

Hey readers! Some more changes have been made, but I am still far from the finished project. I am sure it won't look much different from the current look now, but you never know! This entire change has taken a lot longer than I was originally expecting although I think it will definitely be worth it in the end.

I am having a really hard time accepting that it is only Tuesday. Spring break is right around the corner, and this week always drags by. Hate that feeling, don't you? I really don't have much planned for next week, but there is one little surprise that I'm looking forward to (and I will tell you about it tomorrow!!) at the end of spring break. I've also been putting a ton of hours in at work, like 40+ hours....too bad I can only work 30 hours a week, but I also get to roll my hours over to the next time sheet. I love my job, but most importantly I love what I do, not the money.

Today was special because I got to have dinner with Andrew! Senior year is keeping him busy, and far away from me. I rarely see him during the week and on the weekends, I see him Saturday night for dinner and Sunday for church & lunch. It stinks, but I think God is preparing us for our next struggle--not living in the same city anymore. It's one thing when you meet your sweetheart in high school, and you can always go home to them. But when you meet in college, things are totally different. I know that may not make sense because no matter where you are it sucks being away from the person you love most, but we have to work harder at making plans (we don't just get to go out and grab a bite or watch a movie) and spending time with each other is scarce. And it doesn't help that Andrew is graduating after I do, but at least I will be able to visit!

Oh, and all of my friends seem to be getting married or engaged. Guess it's just that time in life, (and I probably sound like a broken record) but I am ready for it to be my turn!!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Tastiest Thing I've Ever Eaten...

...that is organic! You've heard of Clif Bars, right? Well if you haven't, you need to run out to Target or the nearest health foods store and get some immediately. My mom turned me on to these last semester when I was so busy that I never had time to eat breakfast (shame on me for always skipping breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day!!). I recently forgot about them until yesterday when I made a quick trip to Target to look at their swimsuits since spring break is right around the corner! As I made my way to the contact solution, I saw these and immediately had to grab a box! They are absolutely delicious, and even though they have other flavors that I'm sure taste amazing, I am in love with the blueberry crisp flavor.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a box and taste for yourself! It's the perfect Monday pick-me-up!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Under Construction

In case you haven't noticed, my blog is currently under construction. What do you think? I still have a long ways to go with everything that I want to add, but hopefully you will love it as much as I will! There will be lots of other things to look at and play with, since I have more time on my hands this semester.

I cannot believe March is already here. Spring break is next week, and graduation & my birthday seem to be right around the corner. Eeek! I was a terrible blogger last month, and I keep saying that I will do better, but sadly, my life is just NOT exciting. The only thing that has recently excited me (or made me sad) is that I've had numerous friends get married or engaged. And it's all over Facebook. I am so thrilled for each of them, but I am beyond ready for it to be my turn. But only God knows the plan for my life, and I can only pray that it will involve Andrew :)

In other news, I have been working like crazy, 9am-5pm almost every single day (and yes, that does include class). And this weekend was especially busy since I had to work 9am-4pm on Saturday. Today was rewarding because I did absolutely nothing and it was amazing! How was your weekend?

I'm hoping to have my new & improved blog finished by spring break, so come back soon!