Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This afternoon it began pouring down rain while I was at work. I thought to myself "no big deal, I always carry my umbrella since it rains on the most random days in this weird city". As I got ready to leave, I realized that I had taken both my umbrellas out of my bag. One I put in my car for the weekend, and the other I took out so I could read Catching Fire, the 2nd book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Womp womp. I waited about 10 minutes thinking the rain would let up, but it never did. I had to go all the way from work to the bus stop, then wait on the bus IN THE RAIN. I haven't been on campus without an umbrella in over 3 years, cause if I have learned anything from my time at A&M, it's to always carry an umbrella with you! Silly me. I nearly froze to death on the bus with the A/C running full blast, and my clothes are still wet. No I'm not still wearing them; they were hung up to dry. But I can't seem to get warm now! Maybe I need to take a nice, hot shower to warm up. Oh, and apparently it isn't raining anywhere else. Figures.

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