Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major Disappointment

So last night one of my friends invited me to go see The Hunger Games. I had previously made Andrew promise that he would have to go see it with me, but he has been up to his eyeballs with homework and satellite stuff and I was tired of waiting (and hearing everyone talk about it) so I went! And it was a disappointment. Really.

I got the books for Christmas but didn't get around to reading the first one until mid-February. It was AMAZING.  Once I heard from everyone about how great the movie was, I was so excited to see it. Then bam. Major letdown. There were so many parts that I thought were important that weren't in the movie. I won't tell you here in case you haven't seen the movie, but I am truly disappointed in how the movie turned out. To make things worse, I was in a full theater with people laughing at every serious moment, including two girls that said "that's f***ed up" and "call the popo" during the movie. Seriously, I don't want your side commentary. And I thought that the movie went by super fast (even though it was almost 2 and a half hours long).

Oh, and maybe this is just me but couldn't they pick an actor for Peeta who is taller than Katniss? What the heck. Whatever. Maybe that's just my tall side speaking out, but I think it's weird.

Thanks for letting me rant. You should read the book THEN go see the movie and decide for yourself.

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