Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

Yep, last night I got back on the exercise bandwagon. Finally.

I mean, I've been playing intramural basketball games here and there, but nothing concrete or constant. My walking that started a few weeks ago was a total flop, and so I have gone back to P90X to help me out. Also, with P90X you are supposed to keep track of your diet (which I refuse to do being a college student on a budget with little time to cook) but I definitely need to weigh myself! Last I checked I was at 230-ish....yikes. I'm pretty sure it's the hardest thing I've done, and working out twice in one night may kill me (I have a basketball game tonight) or maybe I'll skip tonight's workout and push things back until tomorrow. After all, isn't some exercise better than none at all?

The best thing that is helping me is a nifty little app that my best friend turned me on to. The app is called Nexercise, and it looks like this:
bad picture from my iPhone, sorry!

It can track your movement as long as your phone is on your body, as well as what type of exercise you are participating in. If you don't want your phone on you, you can self report, but get less XP for the activity. You are awarded XP (exercise points) as well as medals for different types of activity. And you can sync with Facebook or Twitter and follow/compete with your friends which makes it even more fun! So you should get it then we can have fun while exercising!!

P.S. I will be doing another post later this afternoon, totally unrelated to this post though...so come back later!


  1. Way cool! I am downloading that app now! I need to start exercising if I have any hope of looking good in Cabo. ;)