Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since I've had more free time this semester, I have started reading books ALL THE TIME. I mean, seriously, who reads in college if it isn't homework or the night before an exam? Of course, I try to read books slowly rather than devouring them in a single day, which is probably why I'm only halfway through Mockingjay and I started it a week or so ago. This weekend Megan and I went to Target and I found some books I've been dying to pick up and they were on sale! Hopefully I can get through all six books before I buy more (even though Half Price Books sounds like a great place to find something new!) but I don't have much self-control over that. Oops. I'll tell you all about my books later :)

Oh, and my weekend was nice too. Busy, but I enjoyed every minute of it. But I think my favorite part (besides celebrating the death & resurrection of our Savior) was watching this video - thanks to my sister and her best friend for making me watch this!

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