Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing the Weekend Away

Hi lovelies!

What a wonderful weekend it has been! Of course, the highlight of my weekend was Ring Dance in the new MSC and doing almost nothing the rest of the weekend. Friday night was rather uneventful (and I don't hardly remember it) except that I went to Charming Charlie and didn't find ANYTHING to wear with my dress. Saturday was rather boring up until I started getting ready for Ring Dance around 2pm. I started on my hair at 3:00, and didn't finish until almost 6:00. A whole three hours to do my hair is ridiculous, but I guess that's what I get for wanting to curl my thick hair. And it was definitely worth it. Andrew took me out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (we had a coupon for a free appetizer), we took our pictures in front of the ring before the actual dance, and danced the night away!

The best part though was the friends that I got to see. Some of them I see almost every single day, and there were others who I hadn't seen in months, or even a whole year. And the people that you go with (rather than just as a single couple) really does make all the difference!

I have several pictures on my camera, but since I'm on campus all day you'll just have to wait for those pictures. In the meantime, here's a photo from the end of the night:

Andrew has the hardest time keeping his eyes open during pictures. So irritating. Oh well!

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