Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Extra Special Day

Why is today extra special? Because it marks the day--3 years ago-- that Andrew and I started dating! Part of me cannot believe that it has been three years, and the other part of me feels like I have been with him for my entire life. I love him so much and the last three years with him has been such a wonderful blessing. We have been through so much (but so little) since then...does that make sense? But I'm sure in the years to come we will experience new challenges and obstacles, and I know I would never be able to get through those without his unconditional love!

 Please forget the icky-ness of this photo, Andrew and I had just finished an intramural basketball game! We are 2 games into the playoffs, and currently 4-1, but I have no idea how many more games we will have. 

Last night with the nasty weather going on Andrew ran all the way to the store just to get these for me! Aren't they pretty? Andrew mentioned to me that "flowers are so much cheaper when it isn't Valentine's Day!!" I laughed so hard :) I am beyond blessed to have a guy like Andrew in my life, and I cannot wait to one day spend the rest of our lives together!

oh, and just a side note: Andrew and I were planning to go out to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend but since his parents and my sister came to visit we had to postpone it until next weekend (as in the weekend after easter)

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