Monday, April 2, 2012

New Motivation

About a week ago, I started working out again. I say "again" because nearly two months ago I started doing P90X because I was ready to get serious about getting into shape (in time for graduation). But about a week after starting P90X, I got injured pretty badly. You can read about it here if you really want to. Anyways, the injury was so extensive that it has been nearly 2 MONTHS and my knee still hasn't healed, which means any type of exercise aggravates it and causes it to hurt more. Which means that every basketball game I've played in since kills my knee. I still have a giant knot to prove it! I really want to do more P90X, but the pain is excruciating. But I am still determined to continue working out, so I've started walking about a mile at least twice a week. I know that I won't see immediate results, but I've gotta start somewhere. Plus I really need to get my weight down some...I weighed myself 2 weekends ago and I'm at my maximum weight of 230 pounds! Eeek! I saw that number on the scale and was devastated. I don't feel like I weigh that much, and everyone tells me that I don't look it, but the way my clothes fit tell a different story. But I need a way to hold myself accountable (minus going to workout with a friend....I never go to the Rec anymore) and I figured I could use my blog to help me out with this simple task! It's the baby steps that make the difference, so here's to making a big difference!

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