Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Dead End

Yep, I got rejected from the last Occupational Therapy school I applied to. That brings my total to 7 rejections and no interviews. I have no idea what I'm going to do next, and I damn sure don't want to move back home. But I know there's something out there for me....

I've gotten into a really good workout routine at Aggieland Fitness, and I'm hoping I can keep up the routine for the next few months wherever I go. Mondays are my day with my personal trainer, Javi, and he is amazing! Tuesdays I take kickboxing, Wednesdays will be Cycling (but I haven't attended a class yet), Thursdays are for Zumba, and I usually try to take the weekends off. Sounds exhausting, right? It totally is. I've been super busy trying to fit everything into my schedule, and I STILL haven't finished my thank you notes from my graduation & birthday (its been a whole month since that busy weekend...crazy.) but I am working hard!

This weekend I'm going to San Antonio to visit my some of my cousins and just hang out together! It should be fabulous and perhaps just what I need.

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  1. Chin up! There ARE jobs for our degree. I got rejected too and realized I didn't actually belong in nursing school or grad school at that point. I was meant to wait around for my current job to come available.

    There is still hope and I know whatever you do and wherever you decide to live, you will definitely succeed.