Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little of Everything

Things in my life are kind of nuts right about now, but I promised myself that I need to blog at least once a week to keep all of you updated on my life :)

This past weekend was extremely uneventful--and so relaxing. I got a few thank you notes done, and did a little bit of cleaning. Saturday morning my friend Chelsea & I went to Aggieland Fitness for the free boot camp class at 10am and I am STILL SORE. I got to spend Saturday night and part of Sunday with Andrew, then Sunday night his mom and brother came into town since summer school at Blinn has started, and I love getting to see Andrew's family!

Monday was awful because my alarm clock decided that it didn't want to go off and I was late for work--what a way to start the week. On top of that, New Student Conferences started this week so I've been under a little more stress than usual. Monday night I had my first meeting with my new personal trainer, and I have gained way too much weight. So I can't wait to meet up with him again next week and shed these extra pounds! I made the worst decision for dinner, and ended up getting sick in the middle of the night. Tuesday was just as disastrous because my alarm ONCE AGAIN didn't go off, but I managed to set my phone as a back-up. Whew. Tuesday at work was rather blah, and Tuesday night Chelsea & I went back to Aggieland Fitness for the kickboxing class. Today I'm sore, but not as sore as I was when we finished boot camp on Saturday.

So far nothing exciting has happened today, and I'm taking a break from working out. Gotta rest my body! The recipe I said that I would post will have to wait a little bit longer, I forgot to take pictures and I can't seem to find the recipe while I'm at work. But come back tomorrow (or Friday) and maybe it will be up!

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