Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Door May Close..

Happy Friday, bloggy friends! I am so thrilled that the weekend is almost here, but not looking forward to packing and moving my stuff.

Today I got more unfortunate news. A few weeks ago I applied for a job as an administrative assistant. I figured that I would be a good fit because I had been working as his assistant since the end of April. His last day was Friday the 13th, and I have been doing some of his work (the stuff I have access to) and keeping things together until they hire a new assistant. Yesterday I noticed that they brought someone in for an interview, and they brought another person in this morning. So before I went on my lunch break I asked the head boss lady where I stood in the application process. She told me that I was in the pool, meaning that I'm not the top candidate and I need more experience.

How am I supposed to get more experience if nobody hires me?!?! Maybe everyone will turn the position down and I'll get the job :) but that's pretty doubtful. So on to more job applications...perhaps.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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