Monday, July 2, 2012

Macy's Love

I cannot believe it is the second day of July already. Where is summer going???!

This weekend went by really fast, but it was a fabulous weekend! Friday night was a little boring, but Andrew and I spent some time together which is always nice. Saturday was really busy because my mom came to visit for the weekend. It was so wonderful to see her! We hit up the sales at Macy's, and I tried on at least thirty tops. Over half of them barely covered up my belly button....what is happening to all the tops in the world getting shorter and shorter?! Anyways, I got lucky and managed to score 5 or 6 tops for just over $100 and I am so thrilled to wear them ASAP. I'm even wearing one today (maybe I'll take a picture later) and it is the most comfortable shirt I've worn in awhile. Saturday evening my mom took Andrew, Alan, Austin and me out for dinner to Cracker Barrel. So delicious to end a wonderful day! Sunday morning involved going to church, lunching at Fish Daddy's--my mom's fresh salmon was amazing--and relaxing on the couch while watching tv. It was quite fabulous :)

This week is going to be a little uneventful, with the exception of Wednesday being the 4th and Andrew and I both have the day off. Day trip to Houston!! Yay! And the 4th happens to be our 3 years & 3 months anniversary, but who's counting ;-)

Also, I think I found my new favorite project on Pinterest, but it requires a sewing machine....we'll see what happens!

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