Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
How is it already AUGUST?! Now it's really going to get's already 80 degrees and 85% humidity. Gross Texas weather.

It's OK.....

...that I'm the first one to work--again--because I like the peace and quiet.

...that I miss the weenie dogs like crazy. Something about coming home to two excited puppies who love you unconditionally just makes my day!

...that I want to punch the guy with the F-250 and trailer that cut me off this morning. Idiot drivers make me nuts.

...that my cousin is mad at me for liking Chick-Fil-A on Facebook...learn to grow up and don't bash my choices & beliefs.

...that even though I've moved into my new place, I still have so many boxes to unpack.

...that I haven't been to the gym in nearly two weeks because of the above mentioned moving. not do anything at work because 2 of my bosses are out of the office this week. be super excited for the weekend even though I won't be doing much. hate going shopping nearly half the time because you can't find anything long enough.

Happy Thursday! Now go link up with Neely and Amber!


  1. oh I said it was okay to take a break from the gym. Hey, life gets in the way sometimes. If that means taco tuesday and margaritas instead of the gym...hey it's ok!

  2. love weekend when we dont have much to do :) its seriously the best ;) super cute blog by the way! if you'd like to stop by mine I'm having a giveaway with a few fun things I think you'd like! have a great th!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog through the tall girl problems tumblr site. I feel you're pain with clothes shopping. I have had a lot of success over the years with Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic online (they offer talls online and if you live near one of them, you can return unwanted items to their stores) for everyday clothing. For nicer occasions and nicer clothing, I usually turn to Long Tall Sally (formerly Tall Girl in the US) I've been shopping with them for over 10 years and I have multiple pieces that have lasted multiple seasons. My rule is spend money on items that are timeless and good quality and try to get more trendy items cheaper. New York and Company is also a great place to get dress pants, and they usually have some great deal, like buy one get one 50% off. Otherwise, I hate hate hate clothing shopping, but do find occasional success. Good luck!!!