Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday y'all :) I can't believe it's been a month since my last It's OK..oops! If you're here for the first time, welcome to my little slice of pie! Let's jump right in!

It's OK....

that I haven't linked up with Amber & Neely in a month (obvious)

that I didn't go to the A&M vs Florida game this past Saturday

that I spent too much money shopping last weekend....maybe not that much but close to $200

that I did ABSOLUTELY nothing yesterday besides shower/fix my hair and go to my evening job

that I have to start paying my loans in 2 months. yikes.

to be excited about going to the gym today when I get off work

to jump up and down like a crazy lady in the locker room when I found out I have lost 11 POUNDS so far!!

to miss Andrew like crazy. regardless of the fact that we live in the same town, he's so busy with school and I'm busy with my two jobs that I haven't seen him since Sunday

to be obsessed with On-Demand. we don't have a DVR, so it's the next best thing

to be ecstatic about the cooler weather and possible rain coming this week/weekend

to be bummed that I have to miss my friend's wedding because of work

to get a little anxious about Andrew's birthday coming up next weekend...I don't know what I'm getting for him yet!

Wow. Seems like my emotions are all over the place this week. Excitement and disappointment all in a day! Now go link up with Amber & Neely!


  1. Hi! Coming over from Amber's linkup!

    Congrats on the weight loss! That's fantastic!

    I get excited to go to the gym too. It's addicting!

    And $200 is awesome for shopping. The Husband would be happy if I stayed at that price range. ;)


  2. On Demand is fabulous isnt it?! Congrats on your weight loss!!