Sunday, September 9, 2012

Potentially Exciting News

Happy Sunday blog lovelies! Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend, I know I have! My sister came to visit for the weekend, and we spent all day yesterday shopping. I've been needing new clothes for my job at the assisted living community, and I found a dress, nice top, and 3 pairs of shoes. Yay! Hopefully I will get to take some pictures this week of my new clothes, if I remember.

So in this post, I mentioned that I had some good news, and it's not 100% good news, but I received an email from an Occupational Therapy Assistant school that was encouraging me to apply, and the program starts in January. I do love having my jobs and being in College Station, but more than anything I want to go to OT school. The deadline to apply is September 15, so I hope to hear something in the very near future! I'll be calling them tomorrow to make sure that they have received my application. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming my way!

Starting tomorrow, I'll be getting back to the gym, and getting back on track to losing more weight!

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!

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