Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Put The Brakes On

So after this insane weekend, I wish I could put the brakes on my life and slow things down. I just need to catch up on a million and one things but life never works the way you want it to! Remember my "to-do" list from my last post? Well, here's what really happened.

My sister didn't arrive until after I was at work on Friday night. So we didn't get to spend much time together. Sad face.

Totally went to Wicked Woods and it was awesome :) the majority of it had cheap shots, ya know, people jumping out at you, but I loved every thrill. Andrew wasn't ever scared, he enjoyed laughing at me and Megan.

Missed getting a pedicure and going to Wienerfest, but that was no big deal.

The wedding shower. OMG. I had a great time, but things weren't so great. I didn't know the bride or groom, and I didn't know it would be ALL of the parents and their friends. The invite said semi-casual (college kid, that means JEANS) but everyone was dressed to the nines. There were only six of us in our twenties, everyone else was 50s+ and that was no fun. But all in all, I had a great time.

Maria's party was DA BOMB dot com and even Andrew enjoyed himself. We were there for about an hour and a half, and I had some vodka shots and jello shots which were really good! 

Me and Chelsea. Love her!

Cowboy and Indian! Aren't we cute?!
Our full costumes. Andrew just had to make a comment about my costume making me look nipply..ugh. Those are stitches in the fabric!
Sunday morning came way too early for the airshow (Andrew picked me up at 7:30am) but we had a great time! We both managed to get sunburned, but the weather was fabulous! Unfortunately though it was just the two of us going. Afterwards, we stopped at his house and had a nice dinner with his parents and one of his best friends. It was awesome!

Ain't he handsome? :)
Cool airplanes! The Blue Angels performed around 4:00pm  and it was great!

We didn't get home until nearly 9pm, so I missed Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and The Walking Dead. So I'm 2 weeks behind with ABC and I'll catch up on TWD later today..or whenever they replay it. Womp womp. Next week I have to take the GRE and I'm definitely getting nervous. But since I work at the testing center, maybe it won't be so bad. We'll see. Oh, and all of these photos came from my phone because my camera died and I haven't bothered to charge it or take the photos off and put them on my computer. Oops.

Happy Tuesday Homies :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never Too Busy For You!

So yesterday things were crazy at work and I never actually got to sit down to tell all of you about my upcoming weekend!! Things are seriously about to get crazy. I never thought that my life would be this busy after college; I expected to be able to chill out on weekends and get caught up on my dirty laundry. And I'm only working 2 jobs. Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

So what's going on this weekend?

- My sister is coming to visit Friday afternoon! Hooray :) we are planning to do some shopping, and spend some time with the grandparents while they are in town from Florida/North Carolina.

- I have to work my usual Friday night schedule (5-9pm) and my sister is upset that I can't call in sick. Such is life!

- I want to go to Wicked Woods this year. It's put on by Kappa Sigma every year (it's their philanthropy) and everyone says its freaky scary!! So perhaps Megan and Andrew will be up for that when I get off work!

- Saturday is Wienerfest 2012 in town! They have a 5K, weenie races, wannabe weenie races, a costume contest, and much more. I'll be babysitting the two weenies so perhaps we will make an appearance!

- Megan wants to get a pedicure while she's in town. The only nail place in Huntsville does a SHITTY job every time. 

- Andrew and I have a wedding shower to attend for one of his classmates/coworkers. Which means leaving town by like 2pm on Saturday.

- Halloween party hosted by Maria starts Saturday night! So excited :)

- Sunday morning Andrew, his friend Alan, his boss John, and I are going to Houston for the 2012 Wings Over Houston Airshow. The Blue Angels will be there (and Fat Albert too!). But they want to get there super early, so I'll be sleeping in the car on the 1.5 hour drive there.

- Steve and a friend will also be at the airshow, and I can't wait to tag up with them!

- When we get back from Houston I need to do laundry. I'm almost out of clean underwear....

Sound busy enough for you? I thought so too. Will I survive and be exhausted come Monday  morning? Absolutely! Though I can't wait for all of it to happen...I gotta make sure to charge my camera battery! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

So I Got Lazy...

....and spent $50 on my Halloween costume (which really isn't THAT much...or maybe it is...?)

I may or may not have told you that Andrew and I have a Halloween party to go to this weekend...but I don't think I did. So, I got invited by a coworker (she's throwing the party) and immediately started trying to plan costume ideas for me and my man. It was impossible. Fo realz, they don't make costumes to fit either one of us. So I decided that I would need to MAKE costumes, which doesn't have to be terribly difficult.

I ran at least 10 ideas by Andrew that were relatively easy to do and affordable. And each one he turned down. He suggested that we go as Batman & Catwoman. Okay, but where am I gonna find a DIY costume for that?! And then I saw my sister, who had the perfect idea. Now, I'm not going to tell you what it is because I want to surprise all of you! Anyways, Andrew wasn't very keen on this costume idea but it seemed easy enough for both of us to pull this one off.

And then I went to Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. And I struck out. Couldn't find anything that I needed for my costume. What a bust. So this weekend (yesterday as a matter of fact) I broke down and bought a costume from one of the Halloween stores in town. It actually saved me money! Mind you, I had to buy a plus size costume so that it would be long enough to cover everything, so I felt very self conscious. But I don't really care now because I'm gonna look UHH-mazing on Saturday night. Andrew will look good too ;)

So, be on the lookout for fabulous Halloween photos next week!

Also, did I mention this weekend is going to be nuts? More on that tomorrow! Happy Monday!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thursday

Holy balls, I'm actually feeling okay today. IT'S A MIRACLE! Just kidding, it's the antibiotics working their magic! Though I do feel extra fat since I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks, but I really don't care right now. Make sense? Good. Today I'm linking up for my first-ever Random Thursday!

and the topic is......

So, without more procrastination, here are my favorite fall things. Though I should remind you, Texas doesn't really have a "fall" season. It's hot as hell for months, then it gets kinda cold. Not very fall-y if you ask me.

Halloween. 'nuff said.
I love little kids in their costumes, and one of my favorite candies is candy corn, or just the candy pumpkins. Buy me a bag of those and I'll be your best friend.
Me and my sister, Megan, as Minnie Mouse and a cowgirl. I don't even know how old this photo is, maybe 1995?  

Hot Chocolate & Spiced Cider. Yum!
(no I'm not one of those people who loves their Starbucks..I don't like coffee even though I love the smell)

Pumpkin Carving
I love carving pumpkins, but I think it's weird to eat the seeds, regardless of their toasted-ness
Colors changing
Simply gorgeous!

Cinnamon and apple scented candles. Absolutely delicious.

Gravy and Cranberry Sauce on and after Thanksgiving

Fright Fest at Six Flags
I haven't been in at least 10 years and I was a little kid when my parents took me. I don't remember much about it but that it was scary and I loved it!

Pumpkin bread, cupcakes, pie, lattes, the list is never-ending!

Only 13 days until HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Not a Runner

Today one of my gym friends convinced me to sign up for the Warrior Dash in central Texas that's coming up in November. It's a 5K filled with tough obstacles and raises money for St. Jude's.

I was super excited about it a few hours ago and now I'm freaking out just a bit. It sounds intense but the girls say they won't let me fall behind, so I guess I'm all in!! This won't be my first 5K, but its been about 2 years since my last run.

Has anyone done the Warrior Dash? Got any tips?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Being Sick Sucks

So, for the past 4 days I've been trying to kick an infection in the butt. And so far I'm failing miserably. As hard as I'm trying, I got sick. I hate my allergies, and this always happens. Once in the fall and once in the spring, unless I'm lucky.

Andrew and Mary have been doing a great job to take care of me, and I've eaten enough soup to last me the rest of the year lol. On top of that, I've been popping 2000 mg of vitamin C and taking Mucinex. I have ZERO energy and no appetite. Andrew is currently grocery shopping for me because I can barely stand for 5 minutes without feeling weak or dizzy. Guess I won't be going to the gym this week!

And did I mention that my neti pot has been my best friend for helping me to breathe? It's the best :)

Tonight, I'm watching Once Upon a Time while I cook some lasagna, then Revenge comes on, and after that is Breaking Amish. And I wish I had a DVR so that I could get in on some Walking Dead! Though I've never seen an episode, Andrew loves it, and I have a friend, Xan, who's been cast as a zombie this season! Fun stuff :)

So that's been my weekend, how was yours?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Happy Monday! It feels better than a Monday to me today, perhaps it's because I got my butt out of bed and went to the gym this morning (after last week's failure to not go at all). I had a fantastic weekend, but it was nowhere near long enough. My cousin, Elizabeth, married her best friend, Brian, and I got to experience the whole thing!

I took off work Friday evening to spend some extra time with my family, and that was absolutely wonderful! I drove to see my mom and my sister, and we slowly made our way to Houston. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and we didn't have to go, so we went to Crate & Barrel (I'm in love with that store now!) to pick up the wedding gift and then went to check in at the hotel. **Side note: have you ever tried to drive a standard in traffic on Friday at 5pm? It was awful, and my sister may have been car sick for a little while.**

Anyways, the hotel was a mile and a half away from Andrew's house, so needless to say I knew the area better than my mom and sister, and we went to Red Robin for dinner! It was their first time, and I think they loved it!

After resting at the hotel, we decided to venture out and find other family members, and they were close! I got to catch up with some "family" that I haven't seen in years, and even some that I don't ever remember meeting. The rehearsal group arrived, and there was lots of partying and tons of laughter. It was wonderful :)

Saturday came too early, even though the wedding was at 2pm. Oddly enough, I was the first one ready! Yay me! The wedding was lovely, and the reception was great! I'll stop talking so that you can enjoy the rest of the photos.

The happy couple! Elizabeth and Brian Schepp!
Bridal Party
Me and mister squinty eyes. Every photo we take he manages to ruin with his eyes.....ugh.
My sister and mommy!
Cutting the cake!
Cousins! Love my family <3

By the way, did I mention that Elizabeth did not try on this dress until she ordered/purchased it? YEAH. She loved the designer but wanted this dress (it was with the fall collection) and decided to order it before trying one on. It definitely made her more beautiful and was the perfect dress for her!

Congrats, Brian & Elizabeth!