Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never Too Busy For You!

So yesterday things were crazy at work and I never actually got to sit down to tell all of you about my upcoming weekend!! Things are seriously about to get crazy. I never thought that my life would be this busy after college; I expected to be able to chill out on weekends and get caught up on my dirty laundry. And I'm only working 2 jobs. Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

So what's going on this weekend?

- My sister is coming to visit Friday afternoon! Hooray :) we are planning to do some shopping, and spend some time with the grandparents while they are in town from Florida/North Carolina.

- I have to work my usual Friday night schedule (5-9pm) and my sister is upset that I can't call in sick. Such is life!

- I want to go to Wicked Woods this year. It's put on by Kappa Sigma every year (it's their philanthropy) and everyone says its freaky scary!! So perhaps Megan and Andrew will be up for that when I get off work!

- Saturday is Wienerfest 2012 in town! They have a 5K, weenie races, wannabe weenie races, a costume contest, and much more. I'll be babysitting the two weenies so perhaps we will make an appearance!

- Megan wants to get a pedicure while she's in town. The only nail place in Huntsville does a SHITTY job every time. 

- Andrew and I have a wedding shower to attend for one of his classmates/coworkers. Which means leaving town by like 2pm on Saturday.

- Halloween party hosted by Maria starts Saturday night! So excited :)

- Sunday morning Andrew, his friend Alan, his boss John, and I are going to Houston for the 2012 Wings Over Houston Airshow. The Blue Angels will be there (and Fat Albert too!). But they want to get there super early, so I'll be sleeping in the car on the 1.5 hour drive there.

- Steve and a friend will also be at the airshow, and I can't wait to tag up with them!

- When we get back from Houston I need to do laundry. I'm almost out of clean underwear....

Sound busy enough for you? I thought so too. Will I survive and be exhausted come Monday  morning? Absolutely! Though I can't wait for all of it to happen...I gotta make sure to charge my camera battery! 

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  1. I'm in the same dirty laundry boat. Have about 7 loads just laying around my bedroom floor right now, I know I have to get around to it but watching TV and crocheting is so much more fun, haha.

    The other day the hubs ran out of clean socks and I had no clean underwear so we went to the store & bought a pack of each...I know, Im a little ashamed.