Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thursday

Holy balls, I'm actually feeling okay today. IT'S A MIRACLE! Just kidding, it's the antibiotics working their magic! Though I do feel extra fat since I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks, but I really don't care right now. Make sense? Good. Today I'm linking up for my first-ever Random Thursday!

and the topic is......

So, without more procrastination, here are my favorite fall things. Though I should remind you, Texas doesn't really have a "fall" season. It's hot as hell for months, then it gets kinda cold. Not very fall-y if you ask me.

Halloween. 'nuff said.
I love little kids in their costumes, and one of my favorite candies is candy corn, or just the candy pumpkins. Buy me a bag of those and I'll be your best friend.
Me and my sister, Megan, as Minnie Mouse and a cowgirl. I don't even know how old this photo is, maybe 1995?  

Hot Chocolate & Spiced Cider. Yum!
(no I'm not one of those people who loves their Starbucks..I don't like coffee even though I love the smell)

Pumpkin Carving
I love carving pumpkins, but I think it's weird to eat the seeds, regardless of their toasted-ness
Colors changing
Simply gorgeous!

Cinnamon and apple scented candles. Absolutely delicious.

Gravy and Cranberry Sauce on and after Thanksgiving

Fright Fest at Six Flags
I haven't been in at least 10 years and I was a little kid when my parents took me. I don't remember much about it but that it was scary and I loved it!

Pumpkin bread, cupcakes, pie, lattes, the list is never-ending!

Only 13 days until HALLOWEEN!

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  1. It seems like CA is pretending to be TX this year because we're not getting much of a Fall season either. Yesterday it was 103 at 5pm...totally not OK in my book.

    I love pumpkin carving, it's so much fun. Only thing I'm not so fond of is having to scoop out the gooey insides. Yuck.