Monday, October 22, 2012

So I Got Lazy...

....and spent $50 on my Halloween costume (which really isn't THAT much...or maybe it is...?)

I may or may not have told you that Andrew and I have a Halloween party to go to this weekend...but I don't think I did. So, I got invited by a coworker (she's throwing the party) and immediately started trying to plan costume ideas for me and my man. It was impossible. Fo realz, they don't make costumes to fit either one of us. So I decided that I would need to MAKE costumes, which doesn't have to be terribly difficult.

I ran at least 10 ideas by Andrew that were relatively easy to do and affordable. And each one he turned down. He suggested that we go as Batman & Catwoman. Okay, but where am I gonna find a DIY costume for that?! And then I saw my sister, who had the perfect idea. Now, I'm not going to tell you what it is because I want to surprise all of you! Anyways, Andrew wasn't very keen on this costume idea but it seemed easy enough for both of us to pull this one off.

And then I went to Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. And I struck out. Couldn't find anything that I needed for my costume. What a bust. So this weekend (yesterday as a matter of fact) I broke down and bought a costume from one of the Halloween stores in town. It actually saved me money! Mind you, I had to buy a plus size costume so that it would be long enough to cover everything, so I felt very self conscious. But I don't really care now because I'm gonna look UHH-mazing on Saturday night. Andrew will look good too ;)

So, be on the lookout for fabulous Halloween photos next week!

Also, did I mention this weekend is going to be nuts? More on that tomorrow! Happy Monday!!

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  1. $50 on a costume isn't too bad, when you have it to spare. I dont, hence why we're skipping the Halloween party we were invited to. Also, the hubs is totally picky about what he'd wear & it started a big fight. So dumb.

    Can't wait to see what your costumes are!