Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Happy Monday! It feels better than a Monday to me today, perhaps it's because I got my butt out of bed and went to the gym this morning (after last week's failure to not go at all). I had a fantastic weekend, but it was nowhere near long enough. My cousin, Elizabeth, married her best friend, Brian, and I got to experience the whole thing!

I took off work Friday evening to spend some extra time with my family, and that was absolutely wonderful! I drove to see my mom and my sister, and we slowly made our way to Houston. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and we didn't have to go, so we went to Crate & Barrel (I'm in love with that store now!) to pick up the wedding gift and then went to check in at the hotel. **Side note: have you ever tried to drive a standard in traffic on Friday at 5pm? It was awful, and my sister may have been car sick for a little while.**

Anyways, the hotel was a mile and a half away from Andrew's house, so needless to say I knew the area better than my mom and sister, and we went to Red Robin for dinner! It was their first time, and I think they loved it!

After resting at the hotel, we decided to venture out and find other family members, and they were close! I got to catch up with some "family" that I haven't seen in years, and even some that I don't ever remember meeting. The rehearsal group arrived, and there was lots of partying and tons of laughter. It was wonderful :)

Saturday came too early, even though the wedding was at 2pm. Oddly enough, I was the first one ready! Yay me! The wedding was lovely, and the reception was great! I'll stop talking so that you can enjoy the rest of the photos.

The happy couple! Elizabeth and Brian Schepp!
Bridal Party
Me and mister squinty eyes. Every photo we take he manages to ruin with his eyes.....ugh.
My sister and mommy!
Cutting the cake!
Cousins! Love my family <3

By the way, did I mention that Elizabeth did not try on this dress until she ordered/purchased it? YEAH. She loved the designer but wanted this dress (it was with the fall collection) and decided to order it before trying one on. It definitely made her more beautiful and was the perfect dress for her!

Congrats, Brian & Elizabeth!

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  1. What a gorgeous dress. Can't believe she bought it without trying it on. That's one ballsy girl, good thing it turned out well for her :)

    You look fabulous btw, that photo of you guys is really cute.