Monday, November 5, 2012


Happy Monday, readers! Ugh, Monday. What did I do all weekend?

~ I studied for the GRE all day dang weekend

~ I worked Saturday afternoon

~ Andrew, his brother Austin, and I went out for dinner Saturday night

~ I got a massage Sunday afternoon (thanks to my 2nd mommy!)

~ I spent Saturday night with my friend Chelsea (the bumblebee from Halloween) and stayed up way too late. College life is hard for girls ;-)

~ I got caught up on The Walking Dead...did I mention this is the first season I've actually watched? Yeah, I'm kinda lost with Merle and all that stuff....but I cried at last night's episode (WHO DIDN'T?!)

~ I'm 3 or 4 episodes behind on Once Upon A Time & Revenge. Why? Because Suddenlink can't seem to get their crap together and every single time those shows come on the TV channel/display freezes and by the time it unfreezes the episode is nearly over. So I gave up. Hulu here I come!

~ Studied some more for the GRE. I'm taking it tomorrow. Yikes.

Pretty boring/relaxing weekend, though I'm not ready for tomorrow. And this week will be hectic so I may be MIA from my blog for the next week or two (even though I don't quite blog regularly anyways...) but I promise I will come back with photos! This weekend is the Warrior Dash and I'm definitely not ready. We'll see what happens.

Wish me luck or send me thoughts/prayers at 8:30am tomorrow!

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