Monday, December 10, 2012


Happy Monday, friends! Hope you had as awesome of a weekend as I did!

Friday I did absolutely nothing other than laundry and go to work from 5-9. Andrew brought me dinner, and we had an incident at the assisted living home involving paint and an ambulance. It was kind of exciting :) later I went home, watched some TV, got ready to get in the shower and my friend Chelsea (she turned 21 Saturday) texted me and said she was out at Applebee's. So I joined the group for about an hour--old lady over here can't stay up that late. I finally crawled into bed around 2:30. 

Saturday my plan was to get going to do some shopping, and that didn't quite work out the way I had planned. Chelsea and I were supposed to go party shopping, but my friend Blake (whose birthday was also Saturday--he's 24!) texted me about doing lunch. So I pushed back my plans with Chelsea and we went to Olive Garden. I bought Blake's lunch--and everything was super delicious!

Birthday Boy! I highly recommend the Toasted Marshmallow martini---it was AMAZING!

After lunch Chelsea and I met up to do our shopping. I ended up buying a dress from Plato's Closet (cheetah print--RAWR!) and some stuff from the mall. Most of it was for Saturday night, I haven't been out partying in 2-3 years and I wanted to look gooooood. And I did! I found a gorgeous sequin dress and I also got some skinny jeans to go with my new boots (early Christmas gift!) because even though they aren't long enough, nobody will ever know! And I got a little more Christmas shopping done. Sneaky!

Sequin dress--Love it!
Even though this dress is super sparkly, I absolutely love the back! It dips low in the back, but you can still wear a bra without it showing. Best thing EVER.

Purple skinnies!

Sexy shoes--the ones I bought don't look exactly like this, more strappy and still with a bow!

Sexy leather boots ;)
After all of our shopping, it was time for me to go home and get ready for a night on the town! It took me just over an hour to do my hair, and about 20 minutes for makeup. I hate that the picture is so dark, but I don't have a flash on my iPhone :( 

Shoes + sexy dress = I look good! And I felt skinnier than usual!
Dress: JCPenney's
Shoes: The Shoe Depot
I had such a great time! Chelsea's party was at her house, so I went by after clubbing it up with Blake. Andrew actually went with me to Chelsea's, which is something he NEVER does. Perhaps it was the fact that he couldn't keep his hands off me! Haha!

All I did on Sunday was lay around the house and do more laundry. Andrew & I went out for lunch and just happened to run into his brother, Austin, and a friend of theirs/youth pastor guy (his name is Chris Raif, Raif for short) and I thoroughly enjoyed lunch. Oh, and I did cook dinner! So there was some productivity! Also, the weather in Texas is finally getting cool! The Dallas area even had snow--but it didn't stick. So I was able to show off all my new goodies today :)

Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: JCPenney's
Boots: Zappos
Belt: Dillard's
Scarf: Wet Seal

Sorry for the darkness of this photo! I feel like the belt in this outfit looks dumb however without it the sweater is a shapeless blob. And it's kinda crappy too, it snags on EVERYTHING and fuzzy pieces rub off all over the place. Not so happy about that. 

How was your weekend?? Get any good shopping done?

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  1. Hello there hot stuff! You look gorgeous in that sparkly dress. Personally I tend to steer clear of anything with that much sparkle but it looks great on you.