Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Was Gonna Do It

So yesterday I failed at blogging. I had a new post page open and ready to go, and I never posted ANYTHING. Oops. So today I was totally gonna link up today with Linny for Random Thursday, but I totally don't have time for that shit much TV and if there was something bad on I just wouldn't watch it. So there.
So instead I'm posting this super cute animated short from Disney that I just discovered today. Apparently it was shown before Wreck-It Ralph (ya know, there's always some short thing at the beginning) but I haven't seen that movie. Plus this is like the cutest thing ever. Cue stupid girl laugh.

Okay, enough of that. 

Oh, and it's called Paperman

BTW, this totally still counts as a link-up! Right??

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Yesterday I promised I would recap my here it is!

Friday night my boo-thang Chelsea called me and said she wanted to go out to Northgate (it's like 6th Street in Austin) since she turned 21 over the break and hadn't gone out to NG yet. If you don't remember, I WORK FRIDAY NIGHTS. And I had been to the gym--plus I'm an old lady who goes to bed at like 11pm every night. And I said I would go out with her. Crazy me. So I get to Chelsea's around 10:30 and she's all like "there's gonna be lots of people going so where should we meet up?" and I had no idea, so we just went. Turns out the only person that joined us was her roomie, Hugo. Thanks Hugo for all the free drinks!!

We went to 6 different bars, and this was by the time we were at Bar #4--PS my dress looks 1000 times better in person!

At Bar #5..more like a club, we danced FOREVER. It was awesome, except when this super tall/huge guy who was sweaty & drunk decided that he wanted to dance with me. Oh yeah, Andrew wasn't there to protect me either hah. So we are dancing, and he grabs my ass. Not cool. I start freaking out yelling to Chelsea to help me and she's just standing there laughing at me. And then this guy spun me around so I was facing him. We talked for a few seconds, then he tried to kiss me. Twice. That was nasty. We danced a little longer, then he picked me up. Good thing I had shorts on under my dress (I'm a tomboy still at heart...) because everybody would have seen my business, and who knows where that guy's hands would have gone. 

On our way home, we saw the snake truck! I have no idea what else to call it, but basically there's an animal rescue truck that sits near NG and they always have a snake or two available to hold. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I didn't want this boa around my neck. But Chelsea looks cute with her!

After I got home, Andrew asked all sorts of questions, mostly about that guy and why I didn't punch him. Um, helloooooo, huge drunk guy there....he might have hit me back or something even worse. Yikes. Later I found out his name and age, and Chelsea called me a cougar hahahaha!

Andrew and I spent most of Saturday in San Antonio for a wedding shower. The wedding is at the end of February, and this will make wedding #6 for us to attend together. One of his friends is getting married to his college sweetheart, and lucky for us SA is only 3-ish hours away. Most of the people at the shower were related to the bride (the groom is from Wisconsin, his family couldn't make it) so it was a little awkward for him. Sam and Andrew probably chatted away for an hour or more about the stuff they usually talk about...airplanes, rocket science, the Marines, and guns. I don't know the bride very well, so I was pretty much attached to Andrew the entire time.

Sam is on the right, and I have no idea what the two of them are doing....something nerd-related, like a sealed vacuum or something.
Sunday was pretty much worthless, Andrew & I moved some stuff into his apartment, which means he won't be living with me for much longer. And I'm slowly catching up on all my TV shows..Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Downton Abbey, and The Walking Dead. Next week (or in 2 weeks) I will have a serious problem. Downton & Walking Dead come on at the same time. And same time as Revenge, but I can get that on On-Demand or Hulu. I don't have a DVR, and I don't want to miss both shows. I also would prefer to NOT stay up until midnight to catch the reruns. Got any suggestions?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Help Me Out & Give Me Valium


I don't want to get into too many details, other than that the testing center where I work was way behind today. And the examinees were freaking out, I did my best to stay calm. But now I'm still on that anxious high thanks to them and computer issues. Shit keeps breaking around here and it's stressing me out---the computers are NOT supposed to break every day. What the hell is going on...

Andrew & I had a fantastic weekend, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I need sleep right now. Hurry up 9:00pm!

freak out and throw stuff

Friday, January 25, 2013

Operation Red Bikini


Okay y'all, I'm finally joining up with all these fabulous ladies for Operation Red Bikini. It's all thanks to the fabulous Kassie and Leigh Ann for starting this thing! What is ORB? Check out Kassie's post here! Basically, I'm following through with one of my New Year's Resolutions, and that is to lose 50 pounds by this time next year. I know it sounds like a lot--but 50 pounds would put me back to my weight from high school. Not only do I want to lose the extra weight, but I also want to get toned up!

Anyways, I found out about ORB about a week and a half ago from another blogger. I thought "what an awesome idea!!!" and then I realized that there was no way that I could meet any type of goal by May 31st. I work 2 jobs, one part time & one full time---so I work 13 hours a day, and I have Fridays off until the evening. I told myself that I didn't have time to do anything, let alone make it to they gym every day. Then I realized that I was just making excuses. So I'm gonna stick to my guns and get down that weight!

I've had people tell me that I'm not even overweight because I'm so tall, but when I look at others (my boyfriend included) I realize that I need to make a change. I'm only about 20 pounds lighter than my boyfriend--and that is no bueno! If I can at least get down to 200 by May 31st, I will be ecstatic. Additionally, I want to look good in the bikini I just recently bought :)

Before I forget, I wanted to show you the pictures from my workout today! Before Christmas, I was at 232, so I think I've done quite well for not having gone to the gym for over a month!

So let Operation Red Bikini begin!! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catchy Titles Aren't My Thing

So one of my closest friends, Corie, is getting married this summer, and months ago she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Of course I said yes, and I couldn't be happier for her & her soon to be hubs! Cause that's what people usually do after they graduate from college...get married! I'm just so thankful that she wants me by her side on her special day!

We met each other in middle school--ONLY because our sisters were best friends. She's a year younger than I am so I never really saw her except at school. Fast forward 4-5 years, my sister fell out of touch with her best friend because they moved to another school. Then one day at a new church during Sunday school my sister bumps in to her best friend, and her family just so happens to attend that church. Corie and a few other girls (myself included) became super close, only to be slapped in the face by one of our "friends" years later. It was awful, but Corie and I have managed to stay friends all these years! Ya know, like we may not talk for weeks at a time, but when we do it's like nothing changed in that time span. Long story short, I need a bridesmaid dress--from David's Bridal. I already have one dress from that store and I like it, but if I plan to wear it again I need to change things up!

I'm planning to shop later this week, but I gotta save up first....$$$

Here's my top picks!



Top Left is the dress I currently own in Apple (red)
Top Right is my favorite of all four
Bottom Left is EHH, but I like it.
Bottom Right is va-va-voom! I don't know if I can pull off that kind of strapless dress--I gotta have some support for the girls!

Additionally, there's gonna be a sash for me to wear (it's champagne and you can see what it looks like here).

Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the Facts of Me

Linking up with Whitney today!

if you're stopping by, welcome!! 
 I'm Natalie :)

FACT: I hate it when people cannot read or follow directions! If you read it the first time, you wouldn't be asking me all these questions that were already answered from reading!

FACT: I'm never 100% satisfied with how my blog looks. I'm always trying to change it--but I never get very far.
FACT: I'm too good at making crazy scary goofy faces. Fo'realz.

FACT: I shop for clothes online almost every single day. But only if stuff is on sale.

FACT: I shop online because I can't always find clothes to fit me---yes I know that sounds like every woman in the world but it's a little harder for me. Why? Because I'm 6'4'' and my pant inseam is 37''-38''. And I wear a size 12. One of my fave shops is Long Tall Sally--they cater to women 5'8'' and taller (and that includes big shoes!)

FACT: When I was in elementary/grade/high school I had to always buy mens' sneakers because NOBODY carried womens' size 12. BUT NOT ANYMORE!
FACT: I stopped growing when I was 13. I'll be 24 in May.
FACT: People mistake my sister & me for being twins. Sometimes I see it, other times I don't. Do you?


FACT: If you buy me anything sugary that is NOT chocolate, I will love you forever. I have the worst sweet tooth.

FACT: I don't mind it when people stare at me during the first meeting, but when you start cracking jokes about my height behind my back, there's gonna be a smackdown.

FACT: I've been trying to get to the gym since I haven't been in over a month, but my work schedules have me going 13 hours a day--no lunch breaks--and by the time I'm off work I'm too exhausted to hit it hard again. But I know there's no good excuse for not working out.

FACT: I have always been an Aggie, and I will always bleed maroon. Don't know the Aggies? Refresher: we beat Alabama this year, it's our first year in the SEC, and freshman QB Johnny Manziel better known as Johnny Football. Yeah!

FACT: It took me over an hour to write this blog post because I kept getting interrupted. Silly test takers (I'm an exam proctor!)

I could keep going on and on about myself, but I'd rather leave a few surprises for later!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pre-Wedding Disaster

So in yesterday's post I talked about Marcus & Jill's wedding. Remember? Okay.

They got married on a chilly Friday night in Dallas (that's a little over 2 hours from my house) and Andrew even went with me! Just 2 days before, I had driven from CS to home (about 4 hours) and I wasn't ready to make another "long" drive. Friday morning I had an appointment to get my haircut, I seriously needed it!! And afterwards I didn't feel like showering/getting gussied up before driving to Dallas. So I decided that I would just shower, shave, and fix my hair & makeup at Mary & Richard's house in Dallas.(ex-step and her hubs if you don't remember who they are). Of course being a Friday afternoon I hit traffic. Womp womp. So I push my getting ready schedule back a little, no big deal.

I get to the house and the POWER IS OUT. My hair is still wet from the haircut earlier that morning, my legs are hairy, and it's getting dark outside which means no sunlight to do my makeup. At first I figured the power may have gone out during the nasty weather in the previous days, so I searched the entire house for the fuse box. I finally found it, flipped everything, turned it all back on, and STILL NOTHING. So now I'm freaking out because Andrew hasn't arrived and I'm running out of time. I called my mom and my dad to see if they had any suggestions, but no luck. Andrew gets there and now we only have 45 minutes until the wedding starts. I finally give up and try to get ready, wet hair and all. Andrew had to hold his flashlight in the bathroom just so I could put on some makeup. Sheesh. Oh, and I dry shaved my legs. That was about the most painful thing ever, I had tiny scabs for weeks, and my legs were on fire all night!

But, 10 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start we finally left the house, ready to celebrate with everyone! Nobody noticed that my hair was wet, and nobody noticed that my makeup wasn't the greatest. I had a fantastic time, and Andrew kept commenting about how delicious my hair smelled. Hah. Oh, and we missed the bride walking down the aisle, but we made it just in time for the important parts---the vows and the kiss! And of course the party afterwards ;-) Congrats Marcus & Jill!

the Happy Couple!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Too-Short Vacation

So what exactly did I do over the 2 week Christmas vacation that I had? Plenty of things! It almost felt like it wasn't time off because I was so busy. I spent most of the time at home, but I did plenty of other things, like....

Attended Marcus & Jill's wedding! Marcus is my best guy friend from high school, and he had the biggest crush on Jill back in the day! I'm so happy for both of them, and I got to see some girls that I haven't seen since graduation. 

Friends since childhood! Libby & I go all the way back to 1990/91. 
Girls from high school! We all look about the same, some of us have gained weight though...and by us I mean ME.

New vehicle registration! My dad got a truck that almost looks exactly like this....and I WANT IT.

Shopping! I did most of my shopping before going home, but there were still a few things on my list! And I had to wrap everything.

Babysitting these sweet girls!
Mary & her hubs went out of town so I was on weenie duty with Ruthie & Gracie (known to Andrew as Wingus  & Dingus)

Catching up on some ZZZzzzzs. Much needed!

Two trips to Houston, both within the same week--and it's about a 4 hour drive ONE WAY. The first trip was to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday!

Girls @ Howl At The Moon 
Hahahahaha. Happy birthday to my sister :)
She even managed to get a guy's phone number!
In case you can't see it, the High Rollers board says "Hi, Megan! My name is _____" and gave his phone number. He bought all of us a round of shots, they were gross. He was nice but really shy and we don't live near the Houston area. Womp womp.

The second trip was to visit Andrew for NYE! Last year, I was out of the country and I don't remember the year before. I think Andrew came to visit me. Anyways, we had a blast with some of his friends ringing in the new year!

Other than that, I had a pretty chill time at home. Of course I was always busy doing something for someone, rather than laying in bed all day every day. Some of the things I got for Christmas are:

1. James Avery Faith, Hope & Love Ring from Andrew
2. The Hunger Games on DVD
3. Bridesmaids on DVD
4. MONEY -- which I spent on bills and groceries. I do that EVERY time..
5. Thoughtful gifts from my mom, like some cute earrings & charms
6. a Fossil watch

Happy Hump Day, Y'all!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Boy Graduation

Hello lovelies!

I cannot believe (well I actually can....) that I haven't updated my blog in nearly a month. Yikes. And I feel like that is exactly what I say every single time I forget to update my blog. Maybe I should just write multiple posts in one day and then just schedule them to post. Perhaps I can get myself together and actually do that! I think I'm organized enough to, but my life doesn't seem exciting enough for that to happen. Guess I'll have to work on that too!

So Andrew's graduation was nearly a month ago (it was on December 14th in case you don't remember that from my last post centuries ago lol) and I still remember it quite vividly. I mean, it's exactly the same as all the other Texas A&M graduations, but what I recall from mine is just a hazy, foggy memory of walking across the stage and then I was off the stage headed back to my seat. Oh well. Anyways, Andrew's department had a celebratory breakfast along with a little ceremony to recognize all the Aerospace Engineering graduates, including the PhD's & Master's & Bachelor's. Andrew's parents went with us, and I think they loved it! I got to meet Andrew's favorite professors, and put a face to the profs who he despises. Some of their names I can't even pronounce. Of course, Andrew is planning to pursue his Master's degree from A&M as well, so he'll be around for awhile. After the ceremony, I went home to meet up with my parents & sister, got a quick visit in, and headed back up to campus for graduation. Between the parents, siblings, and other family members who came to graduation we had a whole row (about 15 people) to ourselves. My parents got to meet Andrew's paternal aunt & uncle--that was kinda weird. The ceremony lasted about 2 and a half hours, and after Andrew walked across the stage I felt like the ceremony was just DRAGGING. Oh well. After the ceremony, we headed outside for Andrew's favorite family pasttime---a million pictures with family!! hah. The pictures below are kinda terrible, but they are the only ones I have for now...there's more that I hope to get my hands on in the near future!

Mrs. T, Austin, Andrew, Alissa, and Mr. T. Happy family!
Fun fact for you!! Two of the patches on Andrew's graduation cap have actually been in SPACE! How cool is that?!

My mom, me, Andrew, my dad, and Megan. Yay family!

After the pictures were done, we all headed to Austin's house for a delicious dinner and lots of laughter! We had Rudy's BBQ, which is such an easy & quick & DELICIOUS option!! Two of Andrew's professors joined us for dinner, husband and wife who both work in the Aero dept. She is Andrew's boss, and he taught some of Andrew's favorite classes. They are both brilliant people! 

Everyone had a fabulous time, and I think Andrew is beyond happy to be done with 4 years. Congratulations to him :) I'm so proud of my main squeeze!

and just because. Here''s a crappy instagram photo from later that night!