Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Boy Graduation

Hello lovelies!

I cannot believe (well I actually can....) that I haven't updated my blog in nearly a month. Yikes. And I feel like that is exactly what I say every single time I forget to update my blog. Maybe I should just write multiple posts in one day and then just schedule them to post. Perhaps I can get myself together and actually do that! I think I'm organized enough to, but my life doesn't seem exciting enough for that to happen. Guess I'll have to work on that too!

So Andrew's graduation was nearly a month ago (it was on December 14th in case you don't remember that from my last post centuries ago lol) and I still remember it quite vividly. I mean, it's exactly the same as all the other Texas A&M graduations, but what I recall from mine is just a hazy, foggy memory of walking across the stage and then I was off the stage headed back to my seat. Oh well. Anyways, Andrew's department had a celebratory breakfast along with a little ceremony to recognize all the Aerospace Engineering graduates, including the PhD's & Master's & Bachelor's. Andrew's parents went with us, and I think they loved it! I got to meet Andrew's favorite professors, and put a face to the profs who he despises. Some of their names I can't even pronounce. Of course, Andrew is planning to pursue his Master's degree from A&M as well, so he'll be around for awhile. After the ceremony, I went home to meet up with my parents & sister, got a quick visit in, and headed back up to campus for graduation. Between the parents, siblings, and other family members who came to graduation we had a whole row (about 15 people) to ourselves. My parents got to meet Andrew's paternal aunt & uncle--that was kinda weird. The ceremony lasted about 2 and a half hours, and after Andrew walked across the stage I felt like the ceremony was just DRAGGING. Oh well. After the ceremony, we headed outside for Andrew's favorite family pasttime---a million pictures with family!! hah. The pictures below are kinda terrible, but they are the only ones I have for now...there's more that I hope to get my hands on in the near future!

Mrs. T, Austin, Andrew, Alissa, and Mr. T. Happy family!
Fun fact for you!! Two of the patches on Andrew's graduation cap have actually been in SPACE! How cool is that?!

My mom, me, Andrew, my dad, and Megan. Yay family!

After the pictures were done, we all headed to Austin's house for a delicious dinner and lots of laughter! We had Rudy's BBQ, which is such an easy & quick & DELICIOUS option!! Two of Andrew's professors joined us for dinner, husband and wife who both work in the Aero dept. She is Andrew's boss, and he taught some of Andrew's favorite classes. They are both brilliant people! 

Everyone had a fabulous time, and I think Andrew is beyond happy to be done with 4 years. Congratulations to him :) I'm so proud of my main squeeze!

and just because. Here''s a crappy instagram photo from later that night!

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