Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pre-Wedding Disaster

So in yesterday's post I talked about Marcus & Jill's wedding. Remember? Okay.

They got married on a chilly Friday night in Dallas (that's a little over 2 hours from my house) and Andrew even went with me! Just 2 days before, I had driven from CS to home (about 4 hours) and I wasn't ready to make another "long" drive. Friday morning I had an appointment to get my haircut, I seriously needed it!! And afterwards I didn't feel like showering/getting gussied up before driving to Dallas. So I decided that I would just shower, shave, and fix my hair & makeup at Mary & Richard's house in Dallas.(ex-step and her hubs if you don't remember who they are). Of course being a Friday afternoon I hit traffic. Womp womp. So I push my getting ready schedule back a little, no big deal.

I get to the house and the POWER IS OUT. My hair is still wet from the haircut earlier that morning, my legs are hairy, and it's getting dark outside which means no sunlight to do my makeup. At first I figured the power may have gone out during the nasty weather in the previous days, so I searched the entire house for the fuse box. I finally found it, flipped everything, turned it all back on, and STILL NOTHING. So now I'm freaking out because Andrew hasn't arrived and I'm running out of time. I called my mom and my dad to see if they had any suggestions, but no luck. Andrew gets there and now we only have 45 minutes until the wedding starts. I finally give up and try to get ready, wet hair and all. Andrew had to hold his flashlight in the bathroom just so I could put on some makeup. Sheesh. Oh, and I dry shaved my legs. That was about the most painful thing ever, I had tiny scabs for weeks, and my legs were on fire all night!

But, 10 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start we finally left the house, ready to celebrate with everyone! Nobody noticed that my hair was wet, and nobody noticed that my makeup wasn't the greatest. I had a fantastic time, and Andrew kept commenting about how delicious my hair smelled. Hah. Oh, and we missed the bride walking down the aisle, but we made it just in time for the important parts---the vows and the kiss! And of course the party afterwards ;-) Congrats Marcus & Jill!

the Happy Couple!

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