Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the Facts of Me

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 I'm Natalie :)

FACT: I hate it when people cannot read or follow directions! If you read it the first time, you wouldn't be asking me all these questions that were already answered from reading!

FACT: I'm never 100% satisfied with how my blog looks. I'm always trying to change it--but I never get very far.
FACT: I'm too good at making crazy scary goofy faces. Fo'realz.

FACT: I shop for clothes online almost every single day. But only if stuff is on sale.

FACT: I shop online because I can't always find clothes to fit me---yes I know that sounds like every woman in the world but it's a little harder for me. Why? Because I'm 6'4'' and my pant inseam is 37''-38''. And I wear a size 12. One of my fave shops is Long Tall Sally--they cater to women 5'8'' and taller (and that includes big shoes!)

FACT: When I was in elementary/grade/high school I had to always buy mens' sneakers because NOBODY carried womens' size 12. BUT NOT ANYMORE!
FACT: I stopped growing when I was 13. I'll be 24 in May.
FACT: People mistake my sister & me for being twins. Sometimes I see it, other times I don't. Do you?


FACT: If you buy me anything sugary that is NOT chocolate, I will love you forever. I have the worst sweet tooth.

FACT: I don't mind it when people stare at me during the first meeting, but when you start cracking jokes about my height behind my back, there's gonna be a smackdown.

FACT: I've been trying to get to the gym since I haven't been in over a month, but my work schedules have me going 13 hours a day--no lunch breaks--and by the time I'm off work I'm too exhausted to hit it hard again. But I know there's no good excuse for not working out.

FACT: I have always been an Aggie, and I will always bleed maroon. Don't know the Aggies? Refresher: we beat Alabama this year, it's our first year in the SEC, and freshman QB Johnny Manziel better known as Johnny Football. Yeah!

FACT: It took me over an hour to write this blog post because I kept getting interrupted. Silly test takers (I'm an exam proctor!)

I could keep going on and on about myself, but I'd rather leave a few surprises for later!

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  1. I go to Baylor, so sic 'em, Bears! But I did attend the Ol' Miss/A&M game in an A&M jersey this season, so that's gotta count for something right?!

    Ditto with always changin' up the blog's look! I'm so particular that I can't keep something too long.

    Nice to meet you!