Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Yesterday I promised I would recap my weekend....so here it is!

Friday night my boo-thang Chelsea called me and said she wanted to go out to Northgate (it's like 6th Street in Austin) since she turned 21 over the break and hadn't gone out to NG yet. If you don't remember, I WORK FRIDAY NIGHTS. And I had been to the gym--plus I'm an old lady who goes to bed at like 11pm every night. And I said I would go out with her. Crazy me. So I get to Chelsea's around 10:30 and she's all like "there's gonna be lots of people going so where should we meet up?" and I had no idea, so we just went. Turns out the only person that joined us was her roomie, Hugo. Thanks Hugo for all the free drinks!!

We went to 6 different bars, and this was by the time we were at Bar #4--PS my dress looks 1000 times better in person!

At Bar #5..more like a club, we danced FOREVER. It was awesome, except when this super tall/huge guy who was sweaty & drunk decided that he wanted to dance with me. Oh yeah, Andrew wasn't there to protect me either hah. So we are dancing, and he grabs my ass. Not cool. I start freaking out yelling to Chelsea to help me and she's just standing there laughing at me. And then this guy spun me around so I was facing him. We talked for a few seconds, then he tried to kiss me. Twice. That was nasty. We danced a little longer, then he picked me up. Good thing I had shorts on under my dress (I'm a tomboy still at heart...) because everybody would have seen my business, and who knows where that guy's hands would have gone. 

On our way home, we saw the snake truck! I have no idea what else to call it, but basically there's an animal rescue truck that sits near NG and they always have a snake or two available to hold. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I didn't want this boa around my neck. But Chelsea looks cute with her!

After I got home, Andrew asked all sorts of questions, mostly about that guy and why I didn't punch him. Um, helloooooo, huge drunk guy there....he might have hit me back or something even worse. Yikes. Later I found out his name and age, and Chelsea called me a cougar hahahaha!

Andrew and I spent most of Saturday in San Antonio for a wedding shower. The wedding is at the end of February, and this will make wedding #6 for us to attend together. One of his friends is getting married to his college sweetheart, and lucky for us SA is only 3-ish hours away. Most of the people at the shower were related to the bride (the groom is from Wisconsin, his family couldn't make it) so it was a little awkward for him. Sam and Andrew probably chatted away for an hour or more about the stuff they usually talk about...airplanes, rocket science, the Marines, and guns. I don't know the bride very well, so I was pretty much attached to Andrew the entire time.

Sam is on the right, and I have no idea what the two of them are doing....something nerd-related, like a sealed vacuum or something.
Sunday was pretty much worthless, Andrew & I moved some stuff into his apartment, which means he won't be living with me for much longer. And I'm slowly catching up on all my TV shows..Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Downton Abbey, and The Walking Dead. Next week (or in 2 weeks) I will have a serious problem. Downton & Walking Dead come on at the same time. And same time as Revenge, but I can get that on On-Demand or Hulu. I don't have a DVR, and I don't want to miss both shows. I also would prefer to NOT stay up until midnight to catch the reruns. Got any suggestions?

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