Thursday, February 28, 2013

Non-Scale Victories round 2

Hey peeps! Another week is almost over, and I am soooooo ready for the weekend. My NSVs for this week are a little bare...I'm under the weather with what will probably become a fantastic sinus infection. But here they are!

Not giving up. 
When I saw my weight at the gym Tuesday night, I didn't beat myself up over it. The scale read 240. So frustrating, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up exercising. (I am taking a break so that I can get better from this infection though...I can't let myself get run down and too far gone because then I'll end up having to start all over).

Enjoying the little things. 
Last night at work, Andrew surprised me with a strawberry cheesequake blizzard from DQ. It was the so delicious--of course I logged it in MFP, and I was only 14 calories over with the blizzard. Not too shabby! Mostly I was just happy to see my man, but a sweet treat makes it that much better :)

Pushing hard.
Last Thursday I burned more calories than I probably ever have, 615.2 cals in an hour (plus 5 minutes for a cool down). Never have I seen myself sweat so much and feel so good afterwards. 

Building muscle.
I'm going with the reason for my weight jumping up is that I am rebuilding/toning my leg muscles from my old basketball days. I used to be extremely strong in my legs, and I still am, but the flab is going away!

What are your Non-Scale Victories this week?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday v. 2


Say what? We are already halfway through another week?! Woohoooo! Nothing out of the ordinary this week, other than stuffing my face at the wedding on Saturday (see Monday's post). But yesterday I was hungry ALL DAY LONG. It was ridiculous. I didn't let myself snack all day long, and I managed to keep under my calories for the day. So far I'm doing okay today, but I can tell I'm already hearing a rumbly in my tumbly! It's gonna be a long day.

Last night after my workout, I told myself that I didn't really want to step on the scale. I weighed Monday night at was at 238 exactly. And at the last second I got on. I'm now at 240. That's a 4 pound gain in like a month....what the heck is going on??? I'm going to keep telling myself that I am building muscle and any day now I'll start losing fat, but I'm definitely a little discouraged. Plus, I'm not going to the gym tonight because I feel like I got hit by a damn freight train--I can't breathe out of my nose and my head is stopped up. And I am sneezing a lot. Like every 5 minutes sneezing. It is CRAZY.

In other news, I signed up for the DietBet posted on Erin's blog today! And I gotta admit, I'm pretty freakin' excited. And since I haven't posted any gym photos recently, it's appropriate to bombard all of you with several photos. Enjoy!

Recap from last Wednesday! See what I mean about my weight being all over?

Burned 615 calories in an hour!
After burning those calories

Last night on the elliptical
Monday night's treadmill walk

Perhaps I'll get back to the gym Thursday night if I'm feeling better and can breathe through my nose. The last thing I need is to have an asthma attack while at the gym and get sent to the hospital...yikes. And in case you haven't noticed--I HATE wearing sleeves when I exercise, and I also can't wear anything but shorts. Don't ask me why, it just bugs me!

Now go link up with Erin & Alex!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Things First

Today I'm linking up with Halie over at Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots along with Grace at Grace for Gayle and Ricci who runs Ricci Explains It All. The topic for today is one of my favorite things in life--FOOD!

First Breakfast of Choice: 
Scrambled eggs and buttermilk biscuits with sausage & bacon smothered with gravy. All homecooked. So delicious. But instead I'm eating some of the frozen JD Turkey Delights for breakfast in the mornings because I can't seem to find/make time to cook a real meal. They're pretty good, though I really should try to cook more and eat less frozen processed foods.

First Dessert of Choice:
Um,'re talking to the woman who has the world's worst sweet tooth. I am not even kidding. But my all-time favorite has to be CHEESECAKE. My boyfriend's aunt makes the best chocolate cheesecake around. Too bad my boyfriend hates cheesecake! More for me! Not to mention we made a quick stop at the Cheesecake Factory over the weekend, but the wait was super long and we didn't have too much free time :( 

First Beverage of Choice:
Water. Always water. I usually drink 4-5 bottles of water a day--so I pee all the time. But it's good to replenish my body! And if I'm for dinner out somewhere, you can bet I'll drink sweet tea. I loooove the sweet tea from Chicken Express & Texas Roadhouse. McDonald's has great sweet tea too as long as it hasn't been sitting all day. And if I'm drinking liquor, it will be rum or amaretto. I don't do beer. Yuck! I'm hungry AND thirsty. And I want a nap.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

It was an awesome whirlwind of a weekend! I did so much that I need another day off! So here's some of the things I did...

- spent way too much money at The Buckle on new clothes (I was in the mall for about 2.5 hours)--but it was so worth it!

- bugged out of work an hour early on Friday night to go out to eat with Megan (my sister) and Andrew. We went to BJ's brewhouse and even splurged on a pazookie. It was deelish!

- got up early to get ready for a friend's wedding

- drove 3 hours in the car with Andrew to go to above mentioned wedding--there are a few pics below!

- started to tear up when the bride walked down the aisle, she was so gorgeous! And I teared up again during the vows when she got choked up--I'm such a sap!

- killed 2 hours at the mall between the wedding & reception

- partied hard at the reception! Did I mention there was an open bar?

- drove home after the reception instead of staying the night (maybe not the best idea)

- slept Sunday away

- picked up my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding from David's Bridal!! Leave me a comment telling me if you like the dress I picked (and I know it's really wrinkled)

- did the usual errands...groceries, gas...

- obviously I watched the Walking Dead then flipped over to the Oscars!

- didn't log a single thing on MFP. oops.

And now for pictures!

I am IN LOVE with this photo of me & Andrew. Seriously, I LOVE IT, Y'ALL.

Super awesome ice sculpture at the reception!
See it now?

Andrew's best friend Alan & his date Leslie posed for pictures with us!

All of the Aerospace Engineers...Kris, Andrew, Eric, Sam (the groom), and Alan

And here's my bridesmaid dress...what do you think?
The wedding colors are coral & champagne

And I'd like to give a BIG shoutout to all of my wonderful new followers! 
Happy Monday, y'all!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non-Scale Victories


Linking up today with Katie & Lex--my first time for Non-Scale Victories!

At the gym last night, I pushed myself harder than usual and once again managed to walk nearly 5 miles. It was intense, and I'm feeling pretty good today! Not to mention I'm sure I sweated nearly a gallon of water, and I've been replenishing that loss all day. Pretty sure I've made 5 or 6 bathroom trips.

This week I've been trying to eat better and consume less sugary snacks while I'm at work all day. Instead of frosted animal cookies I brought with me, I'm having an apple! But I am REALLY struggling with eating Smart Ones every single night. I've been doing this since September or October because of my hectic work schedule, and I'm getting sick of it. How do I find time to cook?!?!?

On the plus side, I'm feeling a little skinny today! Or maybe it's just my super-tight, old jeans are stretching out. BUT I think I'm losing inches--be positive :)

Hope your Thursday is:

Oh, and my best gal from college (heyyyyyyyyyyyy SEXY SAMMIE) gave me a shoutout over on her blog today! Check her out :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not A Good Gym Start

I was planning to write this long, drawn out post about my workout last night, but I'm just not in the mood. So yesterday I hit the gym pretty hard, I walked nearly 5 miles in an hour and my legs are feeling okay today. The problem I had at the gym was when I stepped on the scale. I'm up to 238, so I've gained 2 pounds--my weight is constantly all over the place. Instead of beating myself up to try and lose the weight faster, I'm gonna just blame it on the fact that it's my lady time this week. Yuck. Mind you, I'll still be working hard, just not overdoing it.

Mind you, I was happy before I got on the scale!

And then I stepped on the scale....


Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend was just ALL OVER THE PLACE, in a good way. Friday night I had signed up to participate in the Glow 5K that's hosted on campus every single year. There are easily 3000 students/faculty that participate each year--how awesome is that! I got off work an hour early so I wouldn't miss the start of the race. It was cold and rainy, and I was not at all interested in jogging in that kind of weather. Thankfully though, the rain let up as soon as my friend Chelsea & I got to campus, and Chelsea's friend Hemy also went with us. We walked so slow...everyone was moving at a glacial pace, and it took us about an hour to finish. All in all, it was fantastic! Afterwards, Chelsea & I hung out at her apartment eating snacks and watching TV.

Before the race--did I mention everyone got some free glowsticks?
After the race
I was completely worthless all day Saturday, I had plenty of things to do but I never did ANYTHING. I did check my email though, and won this this awesome giveaway from Love, Sarah K & some other fantastic ladies! Thanks again :) I seriously cannot believe that I won--and I'm anxiously awaiting for some of my gifts to arrive! My sister came to visit Saturday night, and we did a little bit of shopping and lots of laying around.

Sunday was super exciting because my mom came to visit! She has business meetings in Austin every now and then, and stops here whenever she comes down. I hadn't seen my mom since Christmas and I was so happy that I got to spend the afternoon with her & Megan. We went out for lunch, did more shopping, and chatted until it was time for my sister & mom to both hit the road. Things were quiet the rest of the evening--Andrew & I went to HEB and cooked dinner, and we watched The Walking Dead & I managed to catch the last 40 minutes of Downton Abbey. I'll only say this--WHY??!??! Dangit.

How was your weekend? Laid-back & chill or a little busy? Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!

Hi lovelies and happy Valentine's Day! I'm STILL at work (no surprise there) and so there will be no celebrating or spending time with my man tonight. We actually already celebrated on Sunday night. Andrew took me out to Olive Garden for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious! The only hitch was that he managed to lose some of his keys earlier in the day and our plans got pushed back by a few hours. That was not fun. His keys still haven't turned up.

Not only did I get some goodies from him, but I also got some sweet things from my mommy! She made heart-shaped sugar cookies from scratch and put icing between two cookies for a delicious treat. And it isn't Valentine's without some chocolate & sweethearts! From my dad, I got some "ice cream" money. So generous :)

Andrew bought me a dozen red roses, a big box of chocolates, and EIGHT boxes of sweethearts. Sheesh. He must really love me! (duh, Natalie.) I am kind of glad that we celebrated earlier this year, because I can't even begin to imagine how packed the restaurants are, or how packed they will be this weekend. Plus with Andrew working late on Saturdays, who knows when we would have gone out. And don't forget all the silly and super cliche thoughtful proposals happening today.

What did you get from your Valentine? Or if you didn't have a Valentine, did you at least pamper yourself? Oh, I've seen a lot of abbreviations for V-Day, and funniest one is always the "HAPPY VD!" Pretty sure if you have one of those, it is definitely NOT happy. Hah!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Very First Weigh-In Wednesday


Last week I stumbled upon this fabulous link-up, hosted by Erin and Alex, and I thought to myself "this would be so awesome!". I don't even remember how I found it but I drafted a post and told myself to do it next week. Bam! Since this is my first link-up with these sweet gals, I figured I would give a little background about my exercise stuff/plans/whateveryouwannacallit. 

I joined a gym this past summer, and got really into zumba, kickboxing, and cycling classes. I was at my heaviest weight and fresh out of college, I weighed in at a whopping 245 pounds. It does help that I'm really tall, so I can carry a few extra pounds and look fine.  During the first month or so, I actually gained a few pounds from the muscle I had built during my basketballin' days in high school. By the time Christmas rolled around, I was down to 226. Yes! And then Christmas and a job promotion happened. I now work 13 hours a day without a lunch break, 5 days a week. For about a month and a half I didn't exercise at all. And I noticed that I was getting flabby(er) again. I just HAD to get back to the gym. 

So last Monday, just over a week ago, I hit the gym. I stepped on the scale, and was at 236. Not as bad as I had thought, but definitely not good. Since I work so much, I can't get to the fitness classes that I enjoyed so much. Instead I get on the treadmill or elliptical machine and bust my ass for an hour--3 times a week. The other 2 days I work on toning my body, specifically my abs, arms, & back. So far it seems to be working, although my weight was up at the end of last week, now it seems to be back down. Tonight I'll be getting on the elliptical. My legs better get ready! And I wanted to share this week's workout pics, I'm sure you will see them later on Instagram. 

Monday night on the treadmill
Monday's weigh-in
Last night after killing my abs!
My other problem is that with working so many hours every day, I eat 2 meals a day at work. I manage to squeeze in a decent breakfast, then it's a sandwich for lunch and WW Smart Ones for dinner. I am using My Fitness Pal to keep track of everything (LET'S BE FRIENDS!) and so far things are okay--but I'm usually still hungry every day. It sucks. But I want to get my weight down to 170; that's the lowest I want to go without looking too skinny. I know I have a long road ahead of me but if I keep pushing I'll get there. Plus I have all the fabulous link-up chicas to push me too!

If you're visiting from the link-up, thanks for dropping by! Feel free to stick around and check things out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hug A Tall Person Day

Yes! Today is one of the days that tall people are recognized and it is a scientifically proved fact that tall people hug better! I've already gotten 3 hugs today, but that's nowhere near enough for my hug-o-meter. Virtual hugs do count, by the way. 

In order to participate in Hug a Tall Person Day, tall is defined as a man over 6ft and a woman over 5'10". So if you see someone tall, give them a hug! And to help with the awkwardness, here's an awkward video to show you how to hug a tall person. 

I better get a hug comment from you if you are reading this :)

Happy Monday & Hug a Tall Person today!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Whatcha Think?

Oh hey there.....

Well, well. Things look a little bit different today, no?


And, it's Friday! Hell yes!

Too bad I don't get off work until 9:00pm. Damn. 

And did I mention that I skipped out on the gym last night? I'm so sore from Wednesday's squats that I couldn't hardly get up to pee yesterday morning. That's sad. Oh, and I gained anther pound. Yikes. But I feel stronger so that counts for something, right?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Under Construction

Hey lovely readers! Happy hump day!

Things may be looking a little weird around here for the next few days, I'm finally tired of this blah blah layout and I'm trying something new! If you can't find something, don't panic--most of it will all be back. I may not get around to doing anything other than removing everything that you see until tomorrow. My blog will be NAKED. Hah.

If it's possible, I'm more exhausted today than I have been in forever. I worked 13 hours straight (minus a 20 minute break when I drove from one job to the other) and spent 50 minutes on the elliptical machine. Ouch.

I stepped on the scale last night and I've gained TWO POUNDS. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I still have some of my muscle memory from those bazillion 15+ years of playing basketball. Cause the same thing happened last night when I started working out, gained back some muscle then started dropping the pounds! At least I hope that's what's happening this time....

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

You know the drill. Do it. 

1. People coming in for exams today DON'T LISTEN worth a shit. I've had to repeat myself for nearly every single person (and there's been about 30 people so far). Guess it's because they are nervous. Whatevs.

2. I hate it when the yard guys are mowing on campus. My allergies go nuts. I wish I could play hookie on the days that the grass gets mowed.

3. My ass is dragging today. Why? Cause I worked 9 hours and then went to the gym for an hour. I didn't get to bed until 11:30pm and then I had to wake up at 6am this morning. Yikes. AND, I'M DOING IT AGAIN TONIGHT! Pretty soon I'll be one of those skinny bitches...not.

4. If you don't know my work schedule (or I haven't complained about it enough), I'll be at work for 13 hours before I can ever get to the gym. That's dedication right there for ORB!


5. I have been going crazy on Pinterest. Seriously, I have tons of free time at work--I should probably blog more--and so I'm just pinning all this random crap fabulous stuff that I may never use in the future! Yes!

6. There's a young woman taking an 8 hour exam, and she just so happens to be a week and a half away from her due date. Why would anyone want to schedule an exam so close to such a special/stressful event???

7. Last week at my part-time job, a coworker (I guess she's technically my boss but I never see her) asked me if I would make the work schedule for everyone for the next two weeks. I didn't mind, but I had no idea about anyone's availability or preferences or requested time off. When I got there yesterday, I heard that my co-worker and another employee tried to steal my credit at the morning meeting. That just pissed me off. Plus I did kinda mess things up for a few people, but technically that was NOT MY FAULT because
a. I didn't have all the necessary information to make the best schedule possible
b. it wasn't my job to do it. My boss asked me why I did it in the first place, then told me everyone that works there is lazy and won't get off their asses. Hmph. I was pissed to say the least.

8. Some of my coworkers think it's weird that I blog, so I'm trying to hurry up and finish this dad-gum thing. Don't ask me why they think it's weird...they are the weird ones.

9. We all know Sunday night was the Super Bowl, but I got bored with it and remembered that Downton Abbey was still coming on. And I still managed to catch Beyonce's performance and the end of the game.

10. Did I mention how much I loved Beyonce's show? YES.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday Shoutout!

I almost titled this post quickie instead of shoutout. It's been a freakin long day. Anyways, today is/was my mom's birthday! She's pretty great, and like I told her earlier, I wouldn't be the same without her. She's been my role model, sounding board, and my support team all these years. Props to you, Mom! She's the greatest and I love her to death!! And I sent her an awesome birthday video :)

Now for some hot family pics!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fit Friday

I cannot believe that today is the last day of January. Time is flying by way too fast. Today was extra super busy--meaning I neglected this post until now. Bahhhh. I was hoping my day would be super chill and it definitely wasn't. But here's a recap for all of you!

Friday is my only day that I'm available to go to the gym because I work 13 hours a day the rest of the week (only 4 on Fridays) and I don't yet have enough motivation to go to the gym on the weekends. So here's a hideous photo of me, pre-workout.

I really wasn't this excited to be going to the gym, but once I got into it, my workout wasn't so bad. See, I ran 4 and a half miles (just a hair more than last week's jog)!

But then when I stepped on the scale, I definitely wasn't happy. I don't know what I was expecting because I haven't been to the gym in a week--I've just been watching my calories. I guess I was hoping that things would be the same as they were in the fall. I somehow managed to drop 20 pounds "really fast" as in like 3 months. I'm sure I will get back to that point, but I need to make a change in my schedule. Womp womp.

After I got home, I remembered that I pinned THIS CALENDAR to one of my Pinterest boards. I forgot how out of shape my core is. Yikes. But by the end of this month I'll definitely have Fab Abs!

So that's my fitness recap. Outside of that, plus a shower, all I've done is go to work. Blah. I'm so happy that the weekend is here :)