Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!

Hi lovelies and happy Valentine's Day! I'm STILL at work (no surprise there) and so there will be no celebrating or spending time with my man tonight. We actually already celebrated on Sunday night. Andrew took me out to Olive Garden for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious! The only hitch was that he managed to lose some of his keys earlier in the day and our plans got pushed back by a few hours. That was not fun. His keys still haven't turned up.

Not only did I get some goodies from him, but I also got some sweet things from my mommy! She made heart-shaped sugar cookies from scratch and put icing between two cookies for a delicious treat. And it isn't Valentine's without some chocolate & sweethearts! From my dad, I got some "ice cream" money. So generous :)

Andrew bought me a dozen red roses, a big box of chocolates, and EIGHT boxes of sweethearts. Sheesh. He must really love me! (duh, Natalie.) I am kind of glad that we celebrated earlier this year, because I can't even begin to imagine how packed the restaurants are, or how packed they will be this weekend. Plus with Andrew working late on Saturdays, who knows when we would have gone out. And don't forget all the silly and super cliche thoughtful proposals happening today.

What did you get from your Valentine? Or if you didn't have a Valentine, did you at least pamper yourself? Oh, I've seen a lot of abbreviations for V-Day, and funniest one is always the "HAPPY VD!" Pretty sure if you have one of those, it is definitely NOT happy. Hah!


  1. Lovely post Natalie!

  2. Remember on VD to give the gift that keeps on giving!! Herpes! X-D