Thursday, February 28, 2013

Non-Scale Victories round 2

Hey peeps! Another week is almost over, and I am soooooo ready for the weekend. My NSVs for this week are a little bare...I'm under the weather with what will probably become a fantastic sinus infection. But here they are!

Not giving up. 
When I saw my weight at the gym Tuesday night, I didn't beat myself up over it. The scale read 240. So frustrating, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up exercising. (I am taking a break so that I can get better from this infection though...I can't let myself get run down and too far gone because then I'll end up having to start all over).

Enjoying the little things. 
Last night at work, Andrew surprised me with a strawberry cheesequake blizzard from DQ. It was the so delicious--of course I logged it in MFP, and I was only 14 calories over with the blizzard. Not too shabby! Mostly I was just happy to see my man, but a sweet treat makes it that much better :)

Pushing hard.
Last Thursday I burned more calories than I probably ever have, 615.2 cals in an hour (plus 5 minutes for a cool down). Never have I seen myself sweat so much and feel so good afterwards. 

Building muscle.
I'm going with the reason for my weight jumping up is that I am rebuilding/toning my leg muscles from my old basketball days. I used to be extremely strong in my legs, and I still am, but the flab is going away!

What are your Non-Scale Victories this week?



  1. MMMM Blizzard.. I love Blizzards..

    Did you know that they make lactose free ice cream?? It actually tastes really good! It also makes my family very happy.

  2. Get better soon!! Keep going - like the others have said, it will pay off in the end :)

  3. Hey! New follower- and can I just say how similar we are? I am exactly the same way in strength and weight. I (used to be) 6 ft. and weigh 253... so we're pretty close. We can do it! Eating blizzards and strength training! :)

  4. Hey girl I am visiting from the link-up, good for you for not giving up, it is really hard to not see the scale move when you are working for it, but at least you know you are gaining muscle which will help in the long run! Gotta love some dairy queen! Great job this week!!

  5. Awesome NSVs this week! Not giving up seems to be a theme this week! Looks like a lot of us have been struggling a little, but so great that we are all sticking with it and just keep trying! We can do it! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. Wow, you are making good progress! I have done a somewhat better job of not going over my calorie limit, on most days. I finally mentioned my weight loss goal on my blog; I thought that sharing it would make me feel more accountable to sticking with it.

  7. Don't give up. I'm following to read more from you.

    Visiting from KTJ

  8. I'm a new follower of yours from the link-up on ktj.
    Never give up. I hate looking at a bad number on the scale but I know one thing in my head - the number WILL change. I have to decide if I am going to help it go down or up depending on the actions I take after seeing that number. I weighed in this Sunday 3 pounds up from the last week! It was soooo frustrating!

    Have a great week!