Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not A Good Gym Start

I was planning to write this long, drawn out post about my workout last night, but I'm just not in the mood. So yesterday I hit the gym pretty hard, I walked nearly 5 miles in an hour and my legs are feeling okay today. The problem I had at the gym was when I stepped on the scale. I'm up to 238, so I've gained 2 pounds--my weight is constantly all over the place. Instead of beating myself up to try and lose the weight faster, I'm gonna just blame it on the fact that it's my lady time this week. Yuck. Mind you, I'll still be working hard, just not overdoing it.

Mind you, I was happy before I got on the scale!

And then I stepped on the scale....



  1. Sorry to hear about the weigh-in! I can't weigh myself around my time of my time of the month as I gain at least 2lbs! Look forward to hearing your next update :)

  2. 5 miles, awesome! Scales are dumb. lol

  3. I recently found your blog and think you are adorable! Don't worry about a bad weigh in they happen. I had a few months of bad readings on the scale, it will get better!