Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

You know the drill. Do it. 

1. People coming in for exams today DON'T LISTEN worth a shit. I've had to repeat myself for nearly every single person (and there's been about 30 people so far). Guess it's because they are nervous. Whatevs.

2. I hate it when the yard guys are mowing on campus. My allergies go nuts. I wish I could play hookie on the days that the grass gets mowed.

3. My ass is dragging today. Why? Cause I worked 9 hours and then went to the gym for an hour. I didn't get to bed until 11:30pm and then I had to wake up at 6am this morning. Yikes. AND, I'M DOING IT AGAIN TONIGHT! Pretty soon I'll be one of those skinny bitches...not.

4. If you don't know my work schedule (or I haven't complained about it enough), I'll be at work for 13 hours before I can ever get to the gym. That's dedication right there for ORB!


5. I have been going crazy on Pinterest. Seriously, I have tons of free time at work--I should probably blog more--and so I'm just pinning all this random crap fabulous stuff that I may never use in the future! Yes!

6. There's a young woman taking an 8 hour exam, and she just so happens to be a week and a half away from her due date. Why would anyone want to schedule an exam so close to such a special/stressful event???

7. Last week at my part-time job, a coworker (I guess she's technically my boss but I never see her) asked me if I would make the work schedule for everyone for the next two weeks. I didn't mind, but I had no idea about anyone's availability or preferences or requested time off. When I got there yesterday, I heard that my co-worker and another employee tried to steal my credit at the morning meeting. That just pissed me off. Plus I did kinda mess things up for a few people, but technically that was NOT MY FAULT because
a. I didn't have all the necessary information to make the best schedule possible
b. it wasn't my job to do it. My boss asked me why I did it in the first place, then told me everyone that works there is lazy and won't get off their asses. Hmph. I was pissed to say the least.

8. Some of my coworkers think it's weird that I blog, so I'm trying to hurry up and finish this dad-gum thing. Don't ask me why they think it's weird...they are the weird ones.

9. We all know Sunday night was the Super Bowl, but I got bored with it and remembered that Downton Abbey was still coming on. And I still managed to catch Beyonce's performance and the end of the game.

10. Did I mention how much I loved Beyonce's show? YES.

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  1. 2. Allergies are such a pain in the ass.
    3. Bahaha! When you are one of those 'skinny bitches' I'm totally gonna call you that.
    5. Pinterest is a total time suck.
    7. Those punk ass bitches. How are you going to try to take credit for something you didnt do. Talk about wrong.
    8. If they're not bloggers, they'll never 'get it'.

    Thanks for linking up!