Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Round of Random Thursday

Today's random topic is.....
FAVE Childhood Memory!

The fact is, I have way too many awesome childhood memories to recount my favorites! So here's a few :)
Going on my first cruise ever--on the Disney Cruise Line. Pretty much the coolest thing ever as a kid. And just when I really started to figure it all out, it was over. My sister and I will be going one day as adults! I'm not even kidding. 

Family vacations to Galveston every summer. My mom is one of 5, so we have a pretty big family. Every year, we would rent a house on the canal and stay for almost a whole week. There were always things to do, and always someone to play a game with! We still keep this tradition up, even though most of the cousins are grown. This year we are going to a river ranch, and I can't wait! I've missed the last few years--mostly due to work or summer school. BUT NOT THIS TIME.

Hanging out with my dad. He's the greatest. We used to have "date nights" after the divorce, so he would pick us up from after school care and we would go out somewhere--for awhile it was ALWAYS Ryan's buffet. So yummy. And since it's Throwback Thursday on IG, I wanted to share this gem!

What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Be sure to link up with Linny, Meg & Emily!


  1. That is so funny! I did not even know that a Disney cruise exists until last week! So cool! I would love to go!

  2. I think a cruise would appeal more to me if I wasn't scared of boats and water :D but it sounds like you had a lovely time! I hope you get to go again soon.

  3. a disney cruise would be amazing! I've never been on one but what's not to love!
    your dad seems pretty kick ass, love the idea of a date night.
    thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Ive always wanted to go on a Disney cruise! Just the other day I was watching TV & a commercial for them came on and I told the hubs that I wanted to go on one regardless of whether or not we have kids. I want to go dance with Mickey & Minnie too!

    I'm a huge daddy's girl too. My pops used to take me out to lunch, just he & I and I remember I felt so damn special haha. Thanks for sharing & linking up with us, sweets.