Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plane Tickets Cost Too Much

Well duh Natalie....but it's cheaper than driving the 12 hours to Omaha. All day I've been looking online to book a round trip flight, hotel, and maybe even a rental car. When I browsed yesterday, most of the tickets I glanced at were around $350-$400. And today, most of them are around $500-$650. Yikes.

The other things I'm struggling with are whether or not to actually get a rental, and trying to find the right flight home. It's kind of complicated because my interview is on Friday but there are no flights after 1:30, and I can't make that flight time. So do I pay a little extra for a late night flight or stick around Omaha another day with or without transportation and fly home on a Saturday? Ahhhhh too many decisions!!

I got back to the gym yesterday. I was slow on the treadmill, but my weight is down from last week's 240 pounder. And I'm going back tonight--but I have a smoker's cough. So nasty. Forgive me for rambling all over the place, but I'll get my plans all worked out by the end of this week!

1 comment:

  1. Lay off the cancer sticks heifer :-p

    I feel ya on expensive airfare though... I didn't go to Hawaii last summer because the flight was like $1000... Sorry.. No can do on that one.