Thursday, April 4, 2013


In case you haven't read yet, today is the day that Andrew and I officially started dating! And y'all, 4 years feels like it's been forever. Other days it feels like it's only been a few weeks. Is that crazy? 

I've never shared the story of how we met, and I won't be sharing it today. But one day I will!

But I'm going to fill you in on a few things that have happened over the past 4 years. Some of it you may have already seen or heard about, but most of you are pretty new to my blog and don't know a whole lot about me & Andrew :)

In case you missed this photo from a few days ago, this is the first picture Andrew & I ever took together. I posted it on IG recently, and it's crazy to think that we took that photo nearly 4 years ago. It was at the end of April, we hadn't even been dating a whole month. Dang.

That summer I stayed in CS for summer school with my BFF Sammie. I'm so glad that Andrew is from Houston because it was easy for him to come & visit me--it definitely strengthened our relationship. Once school got started in the fall, we were inseparable. We both lived on campus, and had similar schedules. So we would normally eat lunch or dinner together (or both) and sometimes with our friends. I met his parents in the fall because they came to visit for his birthday. And let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck! In the end it worked out perfectly :)  We took what may be the cutest couples picture on Kyle Field after a football game in late 2009. Sorry that I didn't bother cropping it...but it's still cute!

Sometime that fall, Andrew got to meet my parents too! And they really liked him! My 21st birthday rolled around, and Andrew & my sister Megan had planned a surprise dinner party for me! My sister will tell you I hate surprises--but I loved it!

Fast forward to fall 2010. Andrew & I attended our first wedding together, and got to help out with a proposal! Andrew's college roommate/best friend Erik proposed to his girlfriend (now wifey) at Turkey Peak (which is part of the Enchanted Rock state park in Fredericksburg). We were supposed to camp overnight, but the weather was supposed to be nasty so we just made a day trip. See below for some wedding photos!

In April 2011, Andrew, me, Sammie, and her date went to Ring Dance. It's basically like prom for A&M. The friends you go with really make all the difference. At least for me! And since we were going to Ring Dance, we didn't do much to celebrate our anniversary.

Senior year ended, Erik graduated and got married. Both Andrew & I were in the wedding party--it was so special! To this day we keep in touch with them, if it weren't for Erik I would have never met Andrew!

Over the summer, Andrew and I (plus my dad) made a special trip to Florida to see the last shuttle fly. Obviously Andrew's studying Aerospace Engineering and has wanted to be an astronaut since he was 5 or 6. The only thing stopping him now is his height, so he became an engineer. And I got super tan in Florida!

I spent an extra year at A&M because I couldn't pick a major, which gave Andrew & me extra time together! By now we were both so wrapped up in school and future plans that we didn't get to spend as much time together, other than the constant football games every Saturday :)

But that changed in the spring when we both joined a coed intramural basketball team
[cause duh, what other sports do tall people play??]
We spent the night of our 3rd anniversary on the court. We had a playoff game that we just couldn't miss! Thank you IG! As a result of the game, Andrew had a nasty scratch/bruise on his face. Ouch.

Not to mention we went to Ring Dance again, this time for his class year. It was quite a different experience, because we went on our own--and Andrew doesn't dance.

So far, our other big celebrations were my graduation day and his graduation day. I graduated last May (can't believe it's almost been a whole year!) and he graduated last December.

Ugliest picture ever.
So proud :)
Who knows what this next year will have in store for us....
....maybe a proposal ;-)

But I'm just happy that he loves me!


  1. I for one (of many) am waiting anxiously for a proposal - and proposal story on here!

  2. You guys are such a cute couple! Happy 4 years!