Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Things First

So what's first on today's plate with Halie?

First movie you went to without your parents
First sport you played (either Little League-style or in school)
First major injury

First movie without parentals:
I'm pretty sure a huge group of my friends went to see the second Harry Potter movie, and that was back in 8th grade--so I was 13. I'm sure there's probably another movie I saw before this, but I just don't remember. I can tell you the first R-rated movies I saw on my own lol. I had turned 17 that day, and my best guy friend wanted to go see Poseidon and Silent Hill. We saw both of them that night. 

First sport you played: 
Basketball, of course. I started playing church league when I was about 7 or 8. Before that I actually took ballet from one of the moms at school--all the girls were doing it! Even though I loved it at first, I always felt out of place. 

First major injury:
My major injury happened during the summer of my sophomore year in high school, and I don't think I've ever shared this story on the blog. I was playing summer league basketball (it was my life) and my dad stepped up to help coach for summer. He's a basketball star from back in the day, and would even run drills and stuff with us. One time during practice he decided he was going to do a slam dunk. He ended up swinging his arm back and his forearm smacked me right on my nose. There was so much blood. I couldn't get my nose to stop bleeding for at least an hour. We didn't go to the doctor or the ER, because it was just blood! My dad felt horrible, and he still does to this day. I had TWO black eyes and I felt so ugly. And it was super painful to do anything. Thanks dad for this great photo too. Real cute!

this was taken later that night, maybe 3-4 hours later.
I didn't think my nose would ever heal! But it finally did....and I wonder how my face would look if my nose had never been broken. 


  1. Ouch to the nose story! I bet that hurt really bad!

  2. yeah that nose story definitely sounds painful! I was punched in the nose one time at summer camp (some girl my age was being rude to my little sister, I stood up for her, and got clocked...), and it also bled for hours and hours! It was awful.

  3. That hit to the nose sounds rough! I used to get really bad nosebleeds when I was younger, they are so not fun!