Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big News!

I can't contain my excitement anymore! After 4+ years of dating,

*insert giggles and squeals*

I am so happy right now! Like over the moon, still on cloud 9, can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend happy!!

My ring is absolutely perfect!

So I know you're all dying to know how he proposed!

Andrew & I had arranged for him to pick me up from the airport after my interview in Nebraska [you can read about how it went here] since it was easier for me to get a ride from his family rather than driving myself to & from the airport. I knew I wanted him to be the first person I saw coming back, and of course he didn't mind.

As soon as I was off the plane, I called him. He told me he was waiting outside the security checkpoint and that I'd see him soon. I walked through to terminal and past security where Andrew was standing. He was dressed up and had a dozen red roses in his hand. I assumed they were to congratulate me on my interview. I gave him a big hug & a kiss and he handed me the flowers. Then he said, "I have something else for you". He got down on one knee, pulled a box from his back pocket and said "Will you marry me?" and as soon as he started to kneel I couldn't hold my tears back. At the exact same time, Megan (my sister) and Austin (Andrew's brother) came out from behind a tall banner and started snapping photos. I was overwhelmed and  so happy and all I could say was "YES!". Andrew slipped the ring on my finger--it fits perfectly!--and smiled. After more hugging and kissing, we took a few photos. Megan even got a video, but the quality isn't very good and you really can only hear me crying and Megan saying "yay" after I said yes. And I couldn't believe that he had managed to pull this off without anyone spilling the beans! It definitely wasn't something I was expecting, and it came as a total surprise to me.

After a short drive back to his house, there were a few more pictures and we [Andrew's family plus me and Megan] went out for a late lunch to celebrate. Andrew and I spent the rest of Saturday just enjoying our time together--and I made a ton of phone calls and texts. And everyone keeps asking me when the big day is, but we don't have an answer yet! It depends on whether or not I get into grad school, so we'll just have to wait a little longer.

I still can't believe I'm engaged to the love of my life....I am so happy!


  1. Oh my gosh, congratulations! I'm so happy for you both.

  2. Congrats! How exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about it in the upcoming posts!

  3. CONGRATS!!! So excited for you both :) What a cute proposal story!

  4. Congratulations!! So exciting!!! :)

  5. CONGRATS!!! The ring is gorgeous!!!


  6. Congratutions! That is so exciting! Brings me back to the day that I got engaged!