Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Shenannies

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Before I get in to my weekend recap, I just wanted to take a minute to think about Oklahoma. I know lots of people have been posting about it--and how to help. Remember how I went to Oklahoma last weekend for a bridal shower & bachelorette party? I was 30 minutes away from Moore. My friends are okay, but they were terrified for several hours waiting out the storms.

So my weekend was a whirlwind of fun! As soon as I got off work Thursday afternoon, I rushed home, packed my shit clothes and goodies up, and Megan & I hit the road. It took us 6 hours to get to Baton Rouge, I think we finally arrived around 11:30pm. 

Friday morning was my cousin's graduation ceremony for her particular college--College of Art & Design--and it was a short, sweet ceremony. She received top honors & awards, and we won the award for most obnoxious family. Just kidding about that last part. 

For once our graduation group didn't take up an entire row or more!
After the ceremony, there were tons of pictures to be taken. 

Me, Madeline, and Megan! Yay cousins!
We got to tour the interior design building, and we even got to see Mike the Tiger! LSU's mascot for those of  you who are clueless....they keep a live tiger near the stadium. After touring around we had a late lunch at The Little Village--a quaint Italian place to eat that was perfect for our group!

The cousins & friends went out that night--I felt so OLD--and slept half of Saturday before driving to Lake Charles to spend the rest of the weekend with family & get in some crabbing and fishing! Unfortunately the windy weather was too harsh to do anything, so we just had a ball indoors before heading back home Sunday afternoon. And FYI, Lake Charles is only 4 hours from College Station, so the drive went by twice as fast as it did Thursday night. 

Thankfully I had yesterday off work so I could recuperate from all that driving. In the last 2 weekends alone, I have driven 1,600+ miles. And that number doesn't even include driving in/around town during the week. And I have more pictures on my phone but I can't snag them right now....darn work. 

How was your weekend??

P.S. did you hear that I WON Ricci's May Sponsor Giveaway??? Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming!


  1. Sounds like a FUN weekend! :)

  2. LSU alum here! So glad you got to see Mike! He's usually sleeping and hiding behind the trees during the summer so you're lucky!