Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Update

Happy Monday readers!
And a huge welcome to all my new readers! Good luck with all the giveaways!

My weekend was super uneventful except for a cookout & pool party I went to Friday evening thanks to one of my friends! Unfortunately, I left early because I had to work on Saturday. Right now I can't even remember what I did Saturday night, how sad. I spent Sunday doing laundry and homework. Needless to say, as boring as it was, it was pretty relaxing. No expectations or any real plans, I got to do what I wanted without anyone getting in my way!

This morning on my way to work I was having some car trouble, and I nearly had a heart attack. Turns out the freon recharge that Andrew did on my car was too much for my car to handle (he basically put too much freon in and was causing my vehicle to try to work 10 times harder than the norm.) and it led to a few problems...mostly the fact that my car almost died! But it's all better now that Andrew emptied some of the freon out, and my car blows really cold air, which is just what this Texas gal needs after a sunny day of her car baking in the parking lot at work.

As for tonight, I'm just watching the Stanley Cup Finals game while doing homework. At least I have a strawberry daiquiri to keep me company!

Enjoy your night and be thankful that we've survived another Monday!

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  1. Ooh, car problems are the worst, glad it was an easy fix! Monday is over, yay! lol