Monday, July 1, 2013

Already July?!?!

Happy Monday y'all! It's a short week for me and I hope it is for y'all too!

I did nothing this weekend besides some shopping, house cleaning, and laundry. And homework. Yuck. Sadly, I had to work all day Friday--but I went to a party Friday night thanks to one of my coworkers and had a blast! They had set up a giant kiddie pool and a slip-n-slide in the backyard and even had a margarita competition! The favorite margarita was watermelon flavored, super delicious!

Saturday I spent the day with my sister shopping. I ended up going home empty handed, and my wallet is thankful for that! Saturday night I went out to BJ's Brewhouse with Andrew, Austin, and Megan. We laughed so much :) we even ordered a pizookie--red velvet and oreo. It was amazing.

All I did on Sunday was my homework--I'm trying to get ahead with the holiday coming up--and I procrastinated by cleaning the house and doing laundry. Eventually I got my work done. And I'm really sad that I don't get Showtime so I can't watch Dexter at home :(

Last night I could NOT get to sleep. I ended staying up half the night because I was puking my guts out. Miraculously I'm at work today, mostly because I couldn't call in sick. I'm just ready for today to be over and it's barely even started. 

Over the weekend I also decided I want to make my own 4th of July shirt. Pinterest has a ton of ideas and I'm sure whatever I end up doing I'll take plenty of pictures!

diy 4th of july shirt W/ INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

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  1. That dessert looks so amazingly delicious! I also love that fourth of july tank. I also want to make some clothing item for the occasion and I believe the husband and I decided on making red white and blue tye dye shirts!

  2. That ice cream looks DELICIOUS! Glad you had a great weekend!